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Ripcords Kits

Single Ripcords

Ripcords Stretch Buddy Resistance Band- Ultra Light

$19.99 $9.99

The Ripcords Stretch Buddy Purple Tension resistance band is your ideal rehabilitation and flexibility exercise cord. Increase range of motion and support early stage injury rehab with this ultra light Ripcord providing 3 – 5 lbs. of resistance.


Resistance Band Accessories

Versatility Anchor


The Ripcords Versatility Anchor is designed to allow all Ripcords resistance bands to be safely set up outdoors as well as a variety of indoor locations. The neoprene anchor materials protect the bands to support long-term use and safety.

Advanced Door Anchor


This Ripcords Advanced door anchor will attach anywhere on a standard door, including the bottom and the top of the door. Perform dozens of additional full body exercises and sport specific training movements for greater versatility.

Ripcords Ceiling Mount


The Ripcords Ceiling Mount is designed for Ripcords and The Human Trainer and can be set-up indoors and outdoors for safe and effective training.

Travel Bag


The Ripcords Travel Bag fits a full 7 pack and is perfect for someone who travels and wants a light, portable carry bag.

Ripcords Poster


The Ripcords Resistance Band Poster includes 36 full-body exercises featuring the chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs and core.

Legcords Kits

Single Legcords




Get a dynamic full body workout anywhere, anytime with the affordable home gym alternative, Flexcords. Flexcords Resistance Bands are the most affordable alternative to a home gym on the market today. The package comes with a variety of exercise bands of different tensions based on a colored scale. This means that you’re in complete control of your workout! Choose the best tension suited for your exercise routine or change up the resistance depending on the exercise being performed.

Workouts and Programs

Total Triceps


Using only Ripcords resistance bands and the convenience of your own home, you can achieve muscular triceps and arms following this workout routine. Triceps muscles are the largest muscle in your arm. When developed properly your triceps can actually push your biceps making them appear larger than they are.

Ripcords Band Circuit7 DVD


Circuit7 Ripcords is Michael McDonalds personal exercise bands training regimen. It is the most efficient full body workout ever, allowing you to get the benefits of a full body 40-minute workout in just 7 minutes!

Incredibly Toned Arms


Are you looking to tone your arms with an intense at home workout? This routine focuses primarily on your biceps, triceps, and shoulders to give you that sleek definition throughout your arms. Using only Ripcords resistance bands and the convenience of your own home, you can achieve toned & lean arms following this workout routine.

Full Throttle Body


This is a full body workout designed for high tempo circuit training. Excellent weight loss routine that helps your muscles develop proportionately. Each exercise is performed using Ripcords resistance bands that not only help develop strength and endurance, but also provides benefits to improve flexibility and stabilizer muscles.

Free Weights DVD


Michelle Jeanpierre's circuit training routine that targets muscle endurance, cardio, and weight training. This is a 7 minute full body workout that you can do with just Free Weights that will help you lose weight and tone your physique.

Fat Burning Express


To get incredible results you need a workout program that is designed to target the full body with intensity. Fat Burning Express is that program. Your entire body will be put through a high intensity workout that will leave you feeling charged and pumped full of energy. Your legs, arms, back, chest, and abs all get worked in this full body intense workout designed to provide the best possible results in a time efficient workout.

Defined Legs


Tone your legs and lose unwanted fat by using proven circuit training routines. Defined Legs will give you just that; fit, lean thighs, calves, and glutes. We’ve combined some of the most efficient focused leg exercises using Ripcords resistance bands to get fit legs fast!

Core Training Circuit7 DVD


Circuit7 Core is led by professional fitness model and certified personal trainer, Vanny Vay. Follow her through a series of exercises that will improve your core and truly challenge you.

Chiseled Chest


Do you want a more defined and chiseled chest? Looking for a routine you can do anywhere using portable fitness equipment?

It’s difficult to achieve a very defined and strong chest. It takes consistent commitment and on-going routines to help strengthen and tone your chest muscles. This circuit training routine delivers focused exercises to isolate your chest using Ripcords resistance bands. Resistance bands provide huge benefits for chest development as every motion provides full resistance all the way through each exercise to help strengthen your whole chest to give you that fully developed look.

Back Building Extreme


The importance of back muscle strength is vital to everyone. Strengthening your back helps maintain proper posture and resistance to injuries. Avoid back pain and potential injuries by performing these simple back exercises in this circuit training routine. Using only Ripcords resistance bands and the convenience of your own home, you can build a strong back.

Absolute Abs & Core


If you are serious about flattening your stomach you’ll want to be doing resistance core training. Using only Ripcords resistance bands and a door hook, you can perform many fat burning abdominal exercises to melt the fat away from your mid section. Performing this routine on a regular basis will give you results within a matter of weeks. Benefits of strengthening your core include improved posture, balance and core strength.

Chin-Up Bar

The Complete Chin Up Bar


The Complete Chin Up Bar transforms any standard door way into a powerful upper-body workout tool. The Complete Chin Up instantly installs with no need for drilling or screwing and can be removed just as quickly. The Chin Up Bar has multiple rubber grips for comfort and maximum durability, which won’t break down like sweat-absorbing foam handles.

Speed Rope

Jump Rope

$19.99 $12.99

The Astone Fitness adjustable length jump rope features soft grip handles and the ability to change the length capability to suit all users preferences.

Stretch Buddy

Stretch Buddy – Stretch Strap

$12.99 $10.99

The Stretch Buddy Strap is a stretching tool to help assist you with gaining more flexibility, mobility and to improve blood circulation. The Stretch Buddy Strap includes a booklet with 16 sample stretches and can be used at home, in commercial facilities and while travelling.


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