Tommy Europe Ebooks Set


Personal trainer, reality-tv star, and former Professional Canadian Football defensive back, Tommy Europe takes you through his personal circuit training program using The Human Trainer. Tommy believes in the minimal downtime from exercise to exercise that circuit training provides because it gives your muscles the benefits of a superset for maximum results. Shred your body with the whole set, or select the eBook that targets the muscle group of your choice.

Resistance Bands – Circuit Training Ebooks Set


Includes all 8 Resistance Bands Circuit Training Ebooks including Absolute Abs & Core, Back Building Extreme, Chiseled Chest, Defined Legs, Full Body Throttle Express, Toned Arms, Total Triceps, and Fat Burning Express. Follow these circuit training routines for a full body workout that delivers all the benefits of circuit training and resistance training. Benefits include fat loss, muscle development, increased metabolism and circulation for better overall health.

The Human Trainer – Circuit Training Ebook Set


These Human Trainer circuit training programs are designed for use with The Human Trainer. Each e-book is designed to allow for rapid changes between exercises. Minimal downtime from exercise to exercise gives your muscles the benefits of a superset for maximum results. Select an e-book that targets your muscle group of choice or buy the whole set for a complete whole body workout.

Nutrition Guide


Diet counts for 80% and exercise only counts for 20% when it comes to achieving results when training. Astone Fitness Nutrition Guide will help you determine what to eat and when with tips, tricks, recipes, and meal plans to help you stay on track. Combine this nutrition guide with Astones equipment and workouts and you cannot fail!

Upper Body Shred


This circuit training routine delivers focused exercises to isolate your chest, shoulders, biceps, triceps, and upper back using The Human Trainer. Suspension Gym training provides huge benefits for upper body development as every motion provides full resistance all the way through each exercise to help strengthen your whole upper body to give you that fully toned and developed look.

Total Body Shred


This is an excellent weight loss and muscle toning routine designed for strengthening and toning the full body. Each exercise is performed using The Human Trainer which will help to develop strength and endurance, and also provide benefits of improved flexibility and stronger stabilizer muscles.

Legs and Core Shred


This workout will target your muscles from the waist down, giving you the lower body you always dreamed of. Flatten that belly, strengthen that back, lift and tone those glutes, and get the firm sexy legs you’re after. Using only The Human Trainer, you will perform many abdominal and leg exercises to melt the fat away, tone up, and strengthen your core. Benefits of strengthening your core include improved posture, balance and core strength.

Advanced Shred


This workout isn’t for the weak, or faint of heart. Advanced Shred means to challenge you. This program is designed to target the full body with intensity. Designed to provide the best possible results in a time efficient workout, this high intensity workout will push your legs, arms, back, chest, and abs to the next level, leaving you feeling charged and pumped full of energy.

Olympic Ring Ebook


Get the lean, defined physique of a gymnast with The Olympic Ring Ebook. Take advantage of the numerous benefits of Olympic Ring Training: less pressure on the wrists than with standard gym equipment, great plateau buster, excellent core workout, and the added instability factor allows you to achieve better results with fewer reps!

Improve your upper-body strength, endurance, and stabilizer muscles with The Human Trainer – Olympic Ring Ebook.

Advanced Pulley


Feel like a pro? Take your workout up a notch with the quick pace, and challenging full body Advanced Pulley Ebook. This is an excellent weight loss and muscle toning routine that also helps you increase speed, gain strength, and build endurance.