Leg Cord Tension Levels

The Leg Cords are available in 5 different tensions to provide additional resistance and progression to your lower body workouts. Leg Cords can be used to increase the level of difficulty of popular leg exercises such as lunges and squats, and during cardiovascular exercises such as jumping jacks.

Ripcords Leg Cords are extremely easy to attach and remove from the ankles. The Ripcords Leg Cords come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Ripcods Legcords Tensions Chart

Leg Cords Kits (40% Discount vs Buying Single Legcords) (Click Image to View Product Page)

Single Legcords (Click Image to View Product Page)

Strengthen Your Legs

A High Quality Product

Ripcords Leg Cords are a revolutionary product that targets the often neglected small and large muscles of the inner and outer thighs as well as the front and rear glute muscles.

Strengthening these neglected muscles go along way in improving our bodies in daily activities, running and sports, and helping injury prevention.

Ripcords Leg Cords exercises should be performed both standing and on the ground to achieve the most results. Many of Ripcords Leg Cords exercises will improve your balance and stabilizer muscles of the lower body as well as targeting your core muscles.

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