Rita Catolino
I was introduced to the Human trainer in 2010. I love how it incorporates the core as well as recruits many of the smaller supporting muscles which tend to get left out in typical isolation bodybuilding workouts. I have noticed more definition and more of a sweat during my training. I use it at home for core movements such as moving planks, mountain climbers, pikes etc. I also love it for plyometrics. The height I get on my jump squats in incredible. The Human Trainer has helped tremendously with my stability and flexibility as well. I recently took it on vacation to Europe. It is easy to pack away and hooks on to the door in a second. My husband has started using it as well. I will give it a try outdoors this summer. Workout and tan at the same time:) For anyone considering getting a Human Trainer, you need one! Don't think twice. It will help with strength, flexibility, agility and balance. Try doing a one legged squat on it! Hard!! Great for all levels. It is definitely multi-leveled!

Azlan Zain Mohamed is a featured user of The Human Trainer
Azlan Zain Mohamed
I have been using the Human Trainer since 2011, and it has massively improved my shoulder mobility, stability, and definition! Using the Human Trainer for rear deltoids work improved my posture too. I also discovered some of exercise or movement patterns that are new yet challenging such as suspended leg hip lifts and push up. Having something to get better is always motivating. To anyone considering purchasing the Human Trainer, I would simple say "Get it!" It's a complete portable gym that you can take it anywhere and progress safely using only your bodyweight. It's an awesome, useful and cool! You can do lots of exercise with it anywhere that you can hook it safely either you just starting out your physical training or looking for advance stuff! You also can add on the Human Trainer moves with your current training program or tools.

Tommy Europe
I've been using the Human Trainer for about 2 years, and I love the functionality, and ease of use of the system. Everything is getting stronger, and my workouts stay fun, fresh, and results driven. I love the workouts so much that I've actually shot a few workout videos using the Human Trainer.

Jose Ramirez
Who would have thought you could get such a kick butt work out that actually builds muscle, increases strength, improves cardio and has almost endless variations to keep you from getting board with just these little straps. This forces you to use the whole body, stabilizer muscles and core all together. It is efficient and fun. Hey, I also manage a huge gym and sold fitness equipment in the past for thousands of dollars so I almost hate to say it, but for many people this equipment is all you need.

Jesse Kwan
When I get up in the mornings between 4:30 and 5am to do my exercises before work, I don't have time to waste measuring and adjusting the trainer belt. With the HT I can easily attach number of handles I want to use for my workout to any of the 5 "D" rings on each main strap and/or at the end of the straps and use them accordingly. The main straps are doubled for strength and durability. I have used the HT for dips and pull-ups with ease. The handles are easy on the hands, and I like that when I am doing my dips the handles do not roll around the strap. They are also very sturdy. The Ab Straps are another compliment to the Human Trainer. It is consistent with the well built quality of the HM, and I have no complaints at the moment. The possibilities are endless with this equipment. I started noticing improvements in my core strength in no time.

Julia Calloway
"I purchased the Human Trainer from their online store a little over a week ago, and I had one of the most outstanding customer service ever! My husband and I wanted a suspension trainer and we decided to get one of two other competitors trainer. However, after seeing a video of the Human Trainer online, I went ahead and got the HT, and upon receiving it I was convinced that I made the right choice. Not only was I convinced, my husband was too. The other two trainers that we were looking at are good, but I like this one better for many reasons. I bought the HT Essential Kit, then I bought the Ab Straps and the Versatility Anchors."

Myles Irvine
"Hi Human Trainer, Just to say really impressed with your kit. Securely fixed to the wall and also can be unclipped to hang from our chinning bars. Folk just love using it. Really glad we went to the trouble of getting it rather than TRX."

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