Ripcords Poster


The Ripcords Resistance Band Poster includes 36 full-body exercises featuring the chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs and core.

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Product Description

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Resistance training is an effective way to improve, not only, muscle tone, but cardio and stretching. Progress through all the exercises or create your own routine to target specific muscle groups. Work on your chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs or core muscles! Perform exercises, such as Bicep Curls, Torso Twists, and Resisted Lunges. Get more variety in your workout and learn how to perform each exercise correctly. A perfect match with our entire line of Ripcords resistance bands.

Product Features

  • Perfect for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels
  • Includes 36 different exercises for the entire body
  • Features exercises for the chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs and core
  • Great for home gyms, fitness clubs/gyms, and group fitness classes


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