Agility Ladder – Fast Feet Fat Burning Workout


Be prepared to move with this multi-directional training workout with over 15 exercises using the use of The Human Trainer X-50 Agility Ladder. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, you will increase speed, strength, conditioning and burn fat like never before.

Bodyweight Blast – Fat Burning Abs and Core Workout


Get ready for a cardio and Ab interval training workout to increase conditioning and shred fat from your midsection. This challenging bodyweight workout will have you working harder than ever and take your body to the next level with advanced pushups, planks, kicks and punches.

Bodyweight Charge – Bodyweight HIIT WORKOUT


Get ready to fire up your full body with this high intensity cardio, core and strength workout. This training routine will challenge and burn your abs, legs and upper body and get you sweating and working harder than ever before. Take your fitness to the next level with this bodyweight workout that will challenge all fitness levels.

Free Weight Training Circuit 7 DVD


The Circuit7 Free Weights DVD is your ultimate dumbbell workout routine that will challenge you and take your fitness to the next level. Burn fat and build lean muscle with this 7 minute circuit training routine.


The Human Trainer X-50 Core Conditioning


This strength, conditioning and core-targeted workout will have your heart pumping and require total-body coordination. This routine combines challenging and fun athletic movements to build up your strength, agility and endurance.

The Human Trainer X-50 Full Body Tighten and Tone


This workout begins with the use of X-Training Cones to fire up the heart rate with a series of cardio and lower body strength drills aimed to ignite your body. This total body conditioning video will have you working harder than ever; get ready for advanced planks, dynamic pushups, kicks, and high speed cardio drills.

The Human Trainer X-50 Full Throttle


This training workout is a potent series of upper and lower body movements including overhead triceps presses, pushup & knee tucks, cross reverse lunges, chest flies, reverse flies and unilateral strength and cardio movements.

The Human Trainer X-50 HIIT Cardio Conditioning


This full-body workout incorporates the use of the Agility Ladder, X-Training Cones, Ripcords Resistance Band, Jump Rope and your own bodyweight. This workout will keep your heart rate elevated and test your endurance and muscular strength through a range of challenging core, strength, agility, and cardio X-Training movements.