HT Advanced Poster

$ 35

The Human Trainer Advanced poster features 40 suspension gym exercises. Perform exercises, such as Standing Chest Flies, Two Leg Pikes, Rows, and Dips.


For both beginners and advanced users, keep the Human Trainer poster close by as a guide, teaching tool, and an abundant source of exercise ideas. You can mix and match the different exercises and create your own routine or focus specific muscle groups. Every exercise can be modified to challenge every fitness level.

Dimensions: 40″ (Tall) x 27″ (Wide)

Product Features:

  • Includes 40 exercises that you can mix and match. Guide on how to use The Human Trainer suspension gym.
  • Features exercises for the entire body (chest, arms, back, legs and core muscle groups)
  • Workout Anywhere, Outdoors and Indoors. Great for home gyms, fitness clubs/gyms, and group fitness.
  • Dimensions: 40″ (Tall) x 27″ (Wide)
  • New poster with Rotational Pulley, Advanced Exercises and Stretching movments


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