Elite Cords Resistance Bands 5 pack with Travel Bag

$89.99 $42.99

Elite Cords resistance bands come with detachable handles and have carabiners on each band to clip any combination of bands for your desired resistance. The Elite Cords 5 pack includes: x5 different tension bands, x2 ankle straps, x2 handles, a door anchor and a carry bag.


Leg Cord- Very Heavy (Blue)


The Ripcords Blue Legcord provides 30 – 42 lbs. of resistance and is a training tool that targets the gluteal and leg muscles and is ideal for sport specific athletic training to build speed, power?and conditioning.


Ripcords Stretch Buddy Resistance Band- Ultra Light

$19.99 $9.99

The Ripcords Stretch Buddy Purple Tension resistance band is your ideal rehabilitation and flexibility exercise cord. Increase range of motion and support early stage injury rehab with this ultra light Ripcord providing 3 – 5 lbs. of resistance.


Core Training Circuit7 DVD


Circuit7 Core is led by professional fitness model and certified personal trainer, Vanny Vay. Follow her through a series of exercises that will improve your core and truly challenge you.

Free Weights DVD


Michelle Jeanpierre's circuit training routine that targets muscle endurance, cardio, and weight training. This is a 7 minute full body workout that you can do with just Free Weights that will help you lose weight and tone your physique.

Ripcords Band Circuit7 DVD


Circuit7 Ripcords is Michael McDonalds personal exercise bands training regimen. It is the most efficient full body workout ever, allowing you to get the benefits of a full body 40-minute workout in just 7 minutes!