Ripcords 7-Pack


The Ripcords 7 pack is our most inclusive exercise resistance bands kit including all 7 tensions and the Advanced door anchor for both home and on the go full body training.

Power Tension 6 Pack


The Ripcords Black Sniper 6 pack kit includes 6 exercise band tensions, the Ripcords standard door anchor for home and on-the-go full body training with the Circuit 7 Training DVD.

Power Tension 5 Pack


The Ripcords 5 pack includes 5 different tension exercise bands, the standard door anchor to allow you to perform many additional exercises and the Ripcords Circuit 7 Training DVD.

Ripcords 4 Pack


The Ripcords 4 pack is ideal for higher repetition training using medium and lower tension resistance bands, the kit includes the standard door anchor and Circuit 7 Training DVD.