Stretch Buddy – Stretch Strap

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The Stretch Buddy Strap is a stretching tool to help assist you with gaining more flexibility, mobility and to improve blood circulation. The Stretch Buddy Strap includes a booklet with 16 sample stretches and can be used at home, in commercial facilities and while travelling.



The Stretch Buddy strap is your ultimate stretching and training aid to help prevent injury, improve flexibility, and support optimal performance. The Stretch Buddy is the ultimate tool to assist with self-stretching the whole body. The Stretch Buddy uses multiple foot and hand pockets throughout the strap to allow for greater gains in flexibility by performing PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) self-stretching. This form of stretching is an active stretch that uses isometric contractions to help the body achieve greater gains in flexibility.

By using Stretch Buddy every time you exercise, not only will you protect yourself from injury, but you will improve your blood circulation, and maximize your flexibility.


  • Instruction booklet with 16 sample stretches
  • Stretch muscles that are otherwise difficult to target.
  • Improve your flexibility and circulation while preventing injuries.
  • Perform a variety of Yoga poses.
  • Take it with you in your gym bag or purse to stay limber anywhere you go.



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