Stretch Buddy Flat Bands

$21.99 $12.99

Stretch Buddy Flat Bands are an essential tool for physical therapists, personal trainers, athletes in need of rehabilitation or prevention of injuries, or adding to your home gym. Flat Bands are extremely durable and with resistance training you’ll help develop stabilizer muscles and flexibility. Also a great tool for improving Yoga poses and postures.


  • 3 Flat Bands – Light, Medium and Heavy tension
  • Instruction booklet with sample exercises


Stretch Buddy Leg Cord- Ultra Light

$14.99 $9.99

By using Ripcords Leg Cords, you will be strengthening many of the smaller and larger neglected muscles of the legs and gluteals that are required in daily activities, running, sports, and which help for injury prevention. Leg Cords exercises should be practiced both standing and on the ground to achieve the most results.

Purple- 3-5 lb. tension

Stretch Buddy – Stretch Strap

$12.99 $10.99

The Stretch Buddy Strap is a stretching tool to help assist you with gaining more flexibility, mobility and to improve blood circulation. The Stretch Buddy Strap includes a booklet with 16 sample stretches and can be used at home, in commercial facilities and while travelling.