Elite Cords Resistance Bands 5 pack with Travel Bag


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Elite Cords resistance bands come with detachable handles and have carabiners on each band to clip any combination of bands for your desired resistance. The Elite Cords 5 pack includes: x5 different tension bands, x2 ankle straps, x2 handles, a door anchor and a carry bag.



Elite Cords have a custom designed carabiner to allow for the fastest and most convenient adjustment of the resistance bands. You can clip one resistance band onto your handles, all five bands, or any combination of bands that you need in order to create the tension that works for you

  • Surgical Grade Dipped Rubber Tubing & Aluminium Alloy Carabiner Clips
  • Affordable and quality portable home gym
  • Get in shape at home or outdoors with Elite Cords



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