Ripcords Ceiling Mount


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The Ripcords Ceiling Mount is designed for Ripcords and The Human Trainer and can be set-up indoors and outdoors for safe and effective training.


Ceiling Mounts are designed with the highest-grade materials and are engineered to fit inside a door frame and still allow the door to close. They can also be set up in other indoor locations by securing the Ceiling Mounts to wall studs, overhead beams or ceiling joists. Using Ceiling Mounts allows you to take advantage of The Human Trainers range of exercises, by letting you get directly beneath the Anchor Points. This position cannot be achieved with a closed door set up.

Ceiling Mounts give you a variety of options for using The Human Trainer indoors. You can use your Ceiling Mounts for dips, pull-ups, vertical push-ups and dozens of other suspended, body weight exercises.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the Ceiling Mounts are in working order and properly installed in a secure location.

  • Industrial strength metal components
  • Installs quickly in wall studs and ceiling joints
  • Supports up to 500 pounds
  • Unlock dozens of additional exercises
  • Attach Suspension Trainers and exercise bands


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