4 Post Training Sled



The 4 Post Training Sled is a heavy duty and compact all levels push sled with 4 detachable posts that is fully portable and can quickly fit into your back seat or trunk easily.

It can be used on all surfaces including grass, rubber flooring and concrete. It comes with a pulling harness for additional athletic training options.

Battle Ropes



The Battle Ropes are 50ft long, the 2 inch battle rope is twice the weight of the 1.5 inch, both are made of ultra durable fibres with sealed end caps, and jacketed with a highly durable nylon casing for extra longevity and to prevent fibre shedding to keep your gym clean.

A great training tool to build muscular strength and endurance.

Bumper Plates



These heavy duty commercial grade non-smelly virgin rubber bumper plates are designed with thick steel bearing insert rings, and use a 3 anchor point system to prevent common bumper breakdowns.

Sold in pairs as: 2 x 5kg, 2 x 10kg, 2 x 15kg, 2 x 20kg

(Ideal for recreational home and competitive gym lifting)

Flat/Incline Bench



The Flat/Incline Bench is made of heavy duty and high quality materials for durability and safety. This bench has separate seat and back adjustments, so you can adjust it exactly to your own specs.

The bench has built in wheels and a handle so you can easily move the bench around a home or commercial training facility.

Olympic Lifting Bar



The Olympic Weightlifting Bar is the ideal commercial grade bar for home and facility use to safely perform all lifts including olympic lifts like the clean, snatch, or clean and jerk.

The Olympic Training bar weighs 20 kg and is designed with a hardened chrome finish for durability.

Spring Collars



Spring Collars are designed to be used with a Flat Bar or a Hex Trap Bar to provide additional stability to your training and to prevent the bumper plates from moving during training.


  • Fits all Olympic barbell sleeves
  • Priced Per Pair

Thick Bands



Thick Strength bands can be used in a variety of training methods to build strength and support bodyweight movements.

There are 6 different tensions to add resistance and support to your body weight training program. Ideal for home gyms and commercial training facilities.

Trap Hex Bar



The Trap Hex Bar is a great training tool to target the legs without loading the neck and shoulders with a traditional bar. It reduces spine stress during a deadlift / squat, and puts the arms and hands into a near-perfect position.

Designed with two handle grips for additional training options.