Ripcords Kits

Ripcords 7-Pack


The Ripcords 7 pack is our most inclusive exercise resistance bands kit including all 7 tensions and the Advanced door anchor for both home and on the go full body training.

Power Tension 6 Pack


The Ripcords Black Sniper 6 pack kit includes 6 exercise band tensions, the Ripcords standard door anchor for home and on-the-go full body training with the Circuit 7 Training DVD.

Power Tension 5 Pack


The Ripcords 5 pack includes 5 different tension exercise bands, the standard door anchor to allow you to perform many additional exercises and the Ripcords Circuit 7 Training DVD.

Ripcords 4 Pack


The Ripcords 4 pack is ideal for higher repetition training using medium and lower tension resistance bands, the kit includes the standard door anchor and Circuit 7 Training DVD.

Single Ripcords

Resistance Band Accessories

Versatility Anchor


The Ripcords Versatility Anchor is designed to allow all Ripcords resistance bands to be safely set up outdoors as well as a variety of indoor locations. The neoprene anchor materials protect the bands to support long-term use and safety.

Advanced Door Anchor


This Ripcords Advanced door anchor will attach anywhere on a standard door, including the bottom and the top of the door. Perform dozens of additional full body exercises and sport specific training movements for greater versatility.

Ripcords Ceiling Mount


The Ceiling Mounts allow resistance bands and suspension trainers to easily be set up indoors and outdoors. Safely anchor the Ripcords ceiling mounts to any joist or overhead beam for safe and effective workouts.

Travel Bag


This Travel Bag fits a full 6 pack and is perfect for someone who travels and wants a light, portable bag.

Ripcords Poster


The Ripcords Resistance Band Poster includes 36 full-body exercises featuring the chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs and core.

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