Become a Human Trainer Professional Instructor

The Human Trainer Instructor Course will provide you with the tools and skills necessary for safe, fun and effective use of The Human Trainer in a variety of fitness settings. You will learn how to maximize the benefits of The Human Trainer in private one-on-one settings, small boot camps, and in large group training environments. This program will prepare you to teach fun and dynamic workouts using The Human Trainer with its multiple configurations.

What you learn:

  • Proper instruction for your clients on over 100 Human Trainer exercises and variations
  • Creating your own custom programs for every client level
  • The anatomy of The Human Trainer and differences from other suspension gyms
  • Correct Setup and use of The Human Trainer
  • Correct music and motivation
  • The advantages of different grips and bases of support
  • How to teach your clients about angular resistance
  • How to properly cue exercises in large groups
  • How to properly use ALL of The Human Trainer accessories
  • Advanced Human Trainer exercises and tips to teach them


  • PTA Global – 20.0 Credits
  • NASM – 0.8 Credits
  • ACE – 0.8 Credits
  • ACSM – (ACE credits valid)
  • CanFitPro – 4.0 Credits
  • BCRPA – 8.0 Credits

The Human Trainer Professional Instructor Course (8 hours) $249.99

Human Trainer On-Line Professional Instructor Course

This online course concentrates on providing you with all the tools and skills to safely instruct and use The Human Trainer Suspension Gym in all settings. In this course you will learn over 100 exercises and variations to be able to deliver creative, fun and result oriented programming to all fitness levels and class sizes. You will learn how to use all The Human Trainer accessories which include Olympic Rings, Rotational Pulley, Ab Straps and Detachable Handles and Foot Cradles as well how to effectively instruct group exercise classes.
The course is delivered in a 4 hour video format and is accompanied by a 25 question multiple choice exam to test your knowledge and understanding of the information taught in The Human Trainer Suspension Gym online course.
$149.99 – 3 CEC’s (FIS, PTS)
The Human Trainer Professional Instructor Online Course


In our 3 Hour Live Specialty Workshops, learn the specifics of how to use the Human Trainer Essential Kit to accomplish specific fitness goals and enhance your knowledge and exercise repertoire with the HT to harness its full potential as a body-weight training tool. Some workshops also feature branded Human Trainer accessories, the Rotational Pulley and Gym Rings, to permit full body weight suspended exercises and key functional training and mobility enhancing movements.

Rotational Strength

The Human Trainer Rotational Pulley

Get ready to rotate and move in this is fun and dynamic 3 hour workshop using both The Human Trainer Rotational Pulley and Human Trainer Essential Kit Pro. Strength and Rotation are key components to both sport and functional living. Learn how to safely and effectively perform and teach 20+ upper body and lower body movements that will increase speed, balance, power and body control.

Regular: $89.99

Suspension Gym Yoga, Pilates & Flexibility

In this 3 hour workshop, you will have a Body & Mind connection that links a traditional Suspension Gym with a subtle body awareness that establishes a deeper concentration and focus on the breath, alignment, increased flexibility, balance and outer body softness. Using The Human Trainer Essential Kit Pro and Rotational Pulley you will learn over 20+ different movement patterns that follow traditional Yoga and Pilates sequences to create a dynamic, fun and unique experience that suits everyone. After completing this original workshop you will be able to offer new and exciting sequences to your private clients and groups that can be integrated before, during and after a workout.

Regular: $89.99

The Human Trainer X50 Earth & Fire Power Yoga

Core Synergies

In this 3 hour educational workshop you will learn about the different major and minor muscles of the CORE and how these integral structures of the body play a key role in functional strength, movement and injury prevention. Using The Human Trainer Essential Kit Pro you learn and practise 15+ exercises that will create a stronger and more functional body for sport performance and daily active living. After completing this powerful workshop focussed around integrating core muscles with correct alignment and breath, you will be able to instruct clients and groups on safe and effective core movements using The Human Trainer Suspension Gym.

Advanced 3D Training

This 3 hour intense workshop will instruct the most advanced 3 Dimensional full body movements using The Human Trainer Essential Kit Pro. Learn to effective teach unilateral movements, suspended core and plyometric exercises designed to challenge your most advanced clients. Progressions, regressions and safety cues will be instructed in this workshop to ensure you can design and instruct safe and powerful one-on-one and group training programs using The Human Trainer for all level classes.

The Human Trainer Suspension Gym

What Trainers are Saying

  • The Human Trainer Professional Instructor course was very thorough and well planned. You will leave the course with a very strong grasp of the HT suspension system, along with the various accessories. You will also learn correct positioning, and form, leaving you one step ahead of the competition.

    Tommy Europe
  • Having a Human Trainer as part of my personal training business has opened up a whole new element of training for my clients. The education course has given me the practical tools necessary to use the Human Trainer safely and most effectively. The course provided in depth knowledge about how the Human Trainer can be most effectively utilized in my practice, how I can create challenging individual and group classes, as well as small details, tips and tricks regarding proper technique that I would have been unaware of otherwise. This small investment of time to learn how to use this piece of equipment to its full potential will have long lasting payoffs throughout my career.

    Elisa Maruzzo
  • All I can say about the course we had with Darren and Astone Fitness was that the Professional Instructor Education Course was amazing. We spent very good time learning a lot of new moves coming from different disciplines and new moves that are impossible to execute with other suspension trainers. Investing time with Darren from Astone Fitness was hilarious; we learned, we got experience and we got certified -- so what else? Thanks Darren for the great job you did here in Spain with all of us. Human Trainer is just incredible!

    Jonatan Canada Vicente

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