Host a Human Trainer Certification Course or Workshop

Differentiate your facility with the Human Trainer Dual Anchor Suspension Gym and offer the versatility of our full body weight suspension gym programming and additional accessories to your members.

Host a Human Trainer Certification course or Specialty Workshop and provide your trainers with the education they need, along with valuable CECs, to create small group and one on one personal training workouts with the most versatile bodyweight portable training tool on the market- The Human Trainer.

Introducing Human Trainer programming will increase member retention, drive revenue and increase your marketability in a very competitive market. The Human Trainer offers unique, targeted programs and workouts to accommodate any client population, fitness goal and fitness level. Whether its sport conditioning, personal training, mind-body, or active aging, the Human Trainer has a program for you!

On-site training provides an exclusive Human Trainer education experience, convenient for your staff providing them CECs from major accrediting organizations. The Human Trainer team will take care of all course administration and equipment needs. World class instructors modify the course layout to focus on your clubs target market.

Host Facility Benefits

The Human Trainer Suspension Trainer Commercial Club Studio
  • Up to two free enrollments
  • Discount of 20% for host site staff (does not include product)
  • Convenient location for staff
  • Course listing on our website (www.thehumantrainer.com/schedule) including a link to your website
  • Promotion in our online newsletter to over 6,500 fitness professionals
  • Promotion at conferences and events
  • Marketing flyers and support from our Sales & Education teams
  • CEC offerings
  • Hassle-free registration provided by Human Trainer staff

Host Facility Requirements

The Human Trainer Suspension Gym Education Facility requirements
  • Ten sturdy attachment points between 7-9 feet in height, with 5-10 feet of workout space each and structurally sound to bear the body weight of the student
  • Space large enough to accommodate 10 to 20 attendees comfortably
  • Proximity to a major city
  • Space is quiet, comfortable and conducive to learning
  • Facility available on a Saturday or Sunday for approximately 9 hours (e.g., 8:30am to 5:30pm)
  • Sufficient parking and/or public transportation available
  • At least one staff member to assist on the day of the course
  • Willingness to partner and work with Human Trainer to create a successful and educational experience for everyone
  • Promote the course within your network by posting fliers in your fitness office, sending emails to your friends, trainers, etc.
  • Facility owns at least 10 Human Trainer Suspension Gym Systems for use during the course (Club discounts are available)

Upcoming Courses and Workshops

Course Price
8-Hour HT Certification Course with CEC’s

Early Bird – $199.99
Regular – $249.99
3-Hour Workshop: Rotational Strength

Early Bird – $69.99
Regular – $89.99
3-Hour Workshop: Suspension Yoga and Flexibility

Early Bird – $69.99
Regular – $89.99
8 Hour HT Certification Course with CEC’s

Early Bird – $199.99
Regular – $249.99
3-Hour Workshop: Rotational Strength

Early Bird – $69.99
Regular – $89.99
3-Hour Workshop: Suspension Yoga and Flexibility

Early Bird – $69.99
Regular – $89.99

Professional Instructor Discount

Are you a personal trainer or allied health professional?

Take advantage of our special discounts 20% off discounts offered exclusively to certified fitness and wellness professionals.

Receive VIP access to our exercise library, workouts, articles, links to websites, and other helpful information related to health, fitness, and wellness.

To receive your discount code, please complete the required information below and include a scan with your proof of certification and email it to contact@thehumantrainer.com

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