Agility X-Training Kit


The Human Trainer Agility X-Training Kit gives you everything you need to get started on your SARQ training program to take your fitness to the next level.


Once reserved for athletes, Speed Agility Reaction and Quickness training using agility ladders and cones are one of the quickest ways to improve dynamic balance, coordination, and movement skills and burn maximum calories for fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

The Human Trainer X-50 Agility Kit includes 2 Workout DVDs chock full of functional movement drills that will keep you moving and motivated. Get fit and have FUN at home or on the field.

Includes: 2x 9 foot Agility Ladders, 10x Cross-Training Cones, 2x Instructional DVDs, 1x Product Manual, 4x Metal Ground Anchor Pegs and 1x Extra Large Carry Bag


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