The Human Trainer X-50 Program is a highly effective and professionally developed Cross Training series that was created for everyone, from beginners to elite athletes. Each of The Human Trainer X-50 video workout programs has an instructor leading both a beginner and advanced user through exercises.

Its highly recommended to begin following the beginner user and as you become more familiar with each exercise movement and increase your overall strength and speed you can begin to follow the advanced sequence of exercises when your body is ready. The beginner exercise movements are designed to prepare the body to be able to safely and successfully perform the advanced progressions of each movement. Never attempt to perform an advanced movement that you are not physically conditioned for, rather perform the beginner option until you build the strength and endurance to be able to safely complete the exercise.

X-50 Digital Workouts

10 Full Body Cross Training Workouts

Featuring: The X-50 Agility Kit, The Human Trainer Suspension Gym,
Ripcords Resistance Bands, and Speed Rope

2 Body Weight Only Routines

2 Yoga Routines

The Human Trainer 50 Day Fitness Challenge

Tired of diets and programs that dont work?

The Human Trainer X-50 Day Fitness Challenge is the perfect plan to kick-start you on the road to life-long fitness and wellness. Weve made it super easy to get and stay on track for life with our instructor guided 50 day program. From the minute you log in and create your profile, to your last workout, we will guide you through your health and lifestyle transformation at every step and get you in the best shape of your life!

Take The Human Trainer X-50 Fitness Challenge

Transform your Physique and Lifestyle

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