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Ripcords are the ideal go-anywhere fitness tool. They are highly versatile, allowing you to target a variety of muscle groups, such as those used in sports-specific movements. Ripcords work the whole muscle, including the stabilizers and provide tension throughout the entire movement of the exercise providing a fast and effective total body workout. The kit includes the Ripcords standard door anchor for home and on-the-go training that will turn any standard door into a cable machine to perform many additional exercises.

Resistance training with bands and tubes has long been the physiotherapists answer to torn rotator cuffs, bad knees and general rehabilitation. Using Ripcords, you can look and feel better than you would with traditional weights, while protecting your body at the same time. In addition, Ripcords are completely portable, so you can workout anywhere. Combine that with Michael McDonalds Circuit7 routine, allowing you to get the benefits of a 40 minute workout in 7 minutes.

All Ripcords feature our exclusive ergonomic handle for maximum grip and comfort. Each Ripcord comes with its own durable handles with no need to clip and unclip between exercises.

The Ripcords Black Sniper 6 pack Includes: x1 Yellow Ripcord, x1 Orange Ripcord, x1 Green Ripcord, x1 Red Ripcord, x1 Blue Ripcord, x1 Black Sniper Ripcord, x1 Door Hook, x1 Circuit7 Ripcords, and instruction booklet.

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  • 3 circuits
  • bonus features
  • individual exercises


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