Unlike what most people think, suspension bodyweight training isn’t some new, on the fly trend. It has actually been around for 150+ years, but just sort of faded into the background with the shift toward preferring isolation training in the 60’s thru 80s.

Acrobats and gymnasts are the pioneers of strength training that uses suspended bodyweight; with the use of rings, ropes, and trapeze bars. Bodybuilders eventually adopted their techniques with using rings suspended from metal chains. These types of athletes continued to wow us with their toned and strong physiques from suspension bodyweight training even in the isolation training era, but now, fitness professionals across the board are realizing the importance and benefits of suspended bodyweight training, hence, the so-called “new” form of fitness is back!

Why should suspension bodyweight training be an important part of your exercise regime?

Because it uses muscle groups as oppose to isolated muscles, it reinforces muscle firing sequences similar to ways we move in EVERY, SINGLE life activity, including in sports. Therefore, it strengthens your body for movements it actually does, unlike with an isolated up-and-down bicep curl, for instance.

What does suspension bodyweight training offer that virtually no other straight-forward workout does?


Because youre suspended, your body is destabilized. Muscles all over your body (especially your back and core) will instantaneously fire in EVERY exercise in order to maintain proper alignment and body position.

Seriously, its automatic! You dont even have to think about it. With suspension bodyweight training there are instantly increased muscular demands that you cannot get when using a machine or free-weights. For example, while doing a tricep press you are suspended in a forward incline while on your tippy-toes. Your quads, butt, core, and back are all working while you’re doing those presses. Try getting that from a regular ol dumbbell press!

Suspension bodyweight training causes the body to fight gravity, therefore challenging the body to find balance and center itself. This constant state of trying to balance throughout your workout cause the body to strengthen the core, and spine and joint stabilizers.

As these muscles get stronger, it increases the bodys ability to steady itself in even more challenging unbalanced positions. This increased ability to balance oneself correlates directly to increased performance in virtually every sport, and decreases the possibility of injury due to slips or falls.

In short, suspension training will:

  • Work your core in ways you never imagined
  • Give you a new and different workout challenge
  • Help your balance
  • Help your stability
  • Increase your strength
  • Decrease the possibility of injury
  • Improve your game
  • Improve your LIFE

Plus – ITS SO EASY!Recent design evolution makes suspension bodyweight training one of the easiest and most convenient ways to strength train as it requires minimal equipment, is highly portable, and can be done almost anywhere.


Article By: Fitness Dame

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