Why you should do Suspension Bodyweight Training

Unlike what most people think, suspension bodyweight training isn’t some new, on the fly trend. It has actually been around for 150+ years, but just sort of faded into the background with [...]


The Human Trainer Chest , Back, Core & Shoulder Workout

Wake up your chest, back and core with this exciting Human Trainer workout.


What we can Learn from our Olympic Heroes

*Article reposted from August 2012 Another Olympic Games has started, and as I watch the events I cannot help but be left inspired and in awe over these amazing athletes. To watch people who [...]


Take your workout from Winter to Spring

Spring is finally here! Its the perfect excuse to move out of the stuffy gym and take in some fresh air! But transitioning your workout from indoors to outdoors can be trickier than you may [...]


5 Benefits of Suspension Training

These days, suspension trainers are steadily gaining in popularity in the fitness industry and for good reason. Body weight based suspension training is an effective method of resistance training [...]


What to Eat to get 6-Pack Abs

So youre after the ever eluding 6-pack abs? Getting a 6-pack is hard work. It takes dedication to a complete lifestyle overhaul. Heres what you need to do EXERCISE You should be working out 3 to [...]


Pro Athletes Love Suspension Training and Why You Should Too!

Why does a simple set of nylon straps that look like such a basic piece of equipment, become a standard training tool for so many athletes? The word SIMPLE hits the mark with how easy it is to [...]


How to Become a Personal Trainer- Tips for Building a Strong Body

Do you envy the physique of top bodybuilders? Do you dream of getting such a strong body? If yes, then you should contact a fitness instructor who can guide you with the right tricks on building [...]


Introducing The Spanking New Human Trainer Essential Pro Kit

Everyone has a resolution to be better in the new year; The Human Trainer is no exception…    Introducing The Essential Pro Kit   This baby includes the following new [...]


85 Year Old Barb Murphy shows The Human Trainer is for all Ages

Because The Human Trainer uses your own bodywieght for resistance YOU are in CONTROL of how hard or easy every exercise is by simply adjusting your angle with the ground.  In this video, 85 [...]

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