Foot Cradle Handles

Details: Quickly switch between exercise position with The Human Trainer Foot Cradle Handles Comfortable and durable anti-slip rubber hand grips Commercial grade for sturdy attachment and safety [...]


PRESS RELEASE – New Product Announcement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Astone Fitness Releases Video On- Demand  Cross Conditioning Fitness Workouts    Vancouver, BC (July 14th, 2015) – Astone Fitness is proud [...]


Top 5 Tips For Staying Fit During Summer Vacation

  It’s that time of year, the weather is warm, the days are long and the urge to leave the city is greater than ever for many of us. The number one question I hear regularly during the [...]


How to Become a Personal Trainer- Tips for Building a Strong Body

Do you envy the physique of top bodybuilders? Do you dream of getting such a strong body? If yes, then you should contact a fitness instructor who can guide you with the right tricks on building [...]


Astone Athlete Natalie Jill – on the Human Trainer

“I am a HUGE fan of using my own body weight for my workouts. AND, I do like to workout on my own schedule and in the convenience of my own home. I LOVE The Human Trainer for this reason! [...]


HIIT Training on the Go – Home and Outdoor Workout using Portable Fitness Tools

HIIT can be done almost anywhere with any piece of equipment—or without any equipment at all! Although it can be, HIIT does not have to be done on gym cardio equipment. The possibilities are [...]