Why does a simple set of nylon straps that look like such a basic piece of equipment, become a standard training tool for so many athletes? The word SIMPLE hits the mark with how easy it is to use, but its strength and conditioning benefits are far from basic.? Lets take a closer look at suspension training, and see why athletes (pro and recreational) dont go far without their bodyweight suspension trainer in their travel bags.


  1. A suspension gym adds the element of integration and full-body movement to your workout, which kicks even the most simple of exercises into overdrive. Most traditional workouts use isolation exercises (focusing on one muscle group at a time) vs using several muscle groups simultaneously. In real life and in sport, we always recruit several muscle groups and involve several joints at a time, naturally in almost every movement.

Lets look at a baseball player: when they swing the bat they are using their legs, hips,? torso, shoulders, and arms. Thats a lot of muscular involvement for one action, isnt it? Athletes always incorporate exercises in their training that mimic and recruit the SAME muscle groups and joints that are used in their sport. This is the principle of sport-specific training. Suspension training has the advantage of activating many muscle groups and joints in almost every exercise, making it very efficient and effective. The Human Trainer Dual Anchor Suspension Trainer has the added advantage of requiring each side of the body to work independent of the other, so its easy for an athlete to identify muscular imbalances and weaknesses and correct them in every exercise.

2. Every single Human Trainer suspension exercise involves the core. Athletes know that even with the most pumped arms in the world, without a strong core you wont have the power and strength behind your punch, swing, or stride. Because working out with the HT provides an unstable surface, literally EVERY movement requires core stability which forces the body into powerful isometric abdominal contractions, to connect and stabilize the upper and lower body. The Human Trainer is a fun, functional and time efficient way to get your core ready for action sports and a must in every athletes training arsenal.

3. True Bodyweight training that allows for the ultimate control of dynamic resistance. The Human Trainer straps are made of the highest grade nylon and dont stretch, allowing you to use the principles of leverage and gravity and your body create resistance-from 5-100% of your bodyweight! Easily modify any movement to your ability, also making it a great tool for rehab and recovery. If an athlete is recovering from an injury, one simply decreases their body angle to reduce resistance and take the load off their injury. As they heal they slowly put more resistance into their workout. This also makes the Human Trainer a great recovery and physical therapy tool as it allows complete control of your resistance level and your workout, while taking the important time and steps to get back to game-ready form.

YES, Suspension Training is for EVERY Body!

Suspension training brings many benefits, regardless of fitness level, age, or athletic ability or interest. In fact, as a one-stop training tool, suspension trainers like the Human Trainer, arguably are one of the most effective, efficient, versatile and affordable pieces of equipment available.


Yes, it is tougher

If youre used to doing isolated exercises and dont have a strong core you may find HT exercises challenging at first, but thats why we invented the X-50 Program. The X-50 Program is like having your very own private personal trainer, all in the comfort of your own home. At the beginner levels youll be mastering the basics such as planks, pushups, squats?and lunges before adding layers of complexity. Well help you build the strong and toned body youve always wanted.

Why Choose the Human Trainer?

How does the HT stack up against the competition?


The Human Trainer has dual anchor suspension, which offers a degree of added stability by nature of having the straps anchored to two separate points and a much wider variety of exercises.? With our patented Modular Clipping System you never have to wait between exercises. With multiple accessory attachments you can go from exercise to exercise in seconds. No fussy carabiner adjustments or tangled straps, which means a faster workout and maximum results. Simply grab your handle or any accessory, clip in, and go!

The Human Trainer is the only suspension system on the market that allows you to create your very own customized suspension training system. With optional attachments including the Rotational Pulley, Ab Straps, Tricep Ropes and Olympic Rings, you can literally add hundreds of exercises to your workout.

Looking for a piece of equipment that gets you out of the gym, is affordable, portable, AND allows for the best workout of your life?

Try The Human Trainer. You wont regret it.

NHL Hockey Player and The Human Trainer

NHL Hockey Player David Booth (formerly Canucks and Maple Leafs)

White Sox Workout Room

White Sox Workout Room









FiJi Rugby Star Aporosa

FiJi Rugby Star Aporosa

Pro-Surfer Andrew Cotton

Pro-Surfer Andrew Cotton

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