Strength training isn’t the only way to build strong core muscles. Yoga will help you build muscles you didn’t even know existed. It is a great alternative to strength training to help keep variety in your routine.

1) x4 – Sun Salutations (Warms up the Arms, Shoulders, Hips, Low Back and Core)










2) Hold in High Pushup Plank

a) Bring Right Knee to Right Elbow (x5 per leg)

b) Bring Left Knee to Left Elbow (x5 per leg)


3) Downdog (Stretches Back, Hips, Shoulders, Hamstrings)








4) Halfmoon

half moon pose

– From Downdog, step Right foot forward, place right hand on mat and lift Left Arm above shoulder and Left Leg up in-line with hips

– Step Back to Downdog, Repeat other side





5) Downdog moving to Wild Thing

wild thing pose

– Cross Right Leg behind Left leg, lift the hips high and lift the right arm in the air

– Return to Downdog. Repeat other side






6) x5 – Hold in High Pushup Plank

a) Bring Right Knee to Left Elbow (x5 per leg)

b) Bring Left Knee to Right Elbow (x5 per leg)

7) Chataranga down to floor, lying on stomach


photo by Yoga Journal









8) Salambasana / Locust Pose

photo by yoga journal

photo by yoga journal

– Lift the Head, Chest and Legs together in air (Hold 20 seconds)










9) Side Plank

– Right forearm on mat parallel to short side of the mat, lift the hips high, option to lift left leg and left arm above shoulder (Hold 10 sec)

– x5 Side Plank Hip Bridge (up & down to tap Mat)

-Repeat on other side

10) Bird Dog


– Hold Right Arm forward and Left Leg both in air, hold with no movement (hold 20 seconds). Bring elbow to knee (hold 20 seconds)

– Repeat on other side





11) Crow Pose

crow pose

– Balance Knees on outer Elbows lifting both feet suspended off ground (Beginner can play with lifting and alternating 1 leg at a time) – Hold 15 seconds






12) 4 Point Plank

– Keep both forearms on ground like a #11, both feet on ground and actively draw belly up (60 seconds)

13) Come to seated for Boat Pose


photo by yoga journal

a) Knees Bent (10 sec hold)

b) Legs Straight (10 sec hold)

c) Knees Bent with both arms twisting to Right side (10 sec hold)

d) Knees Bent with both arms twisting to Left side (10 sec hold)






14) Come to Lying on you back for Bridge Pose

bridge posea) Both Hips Lift (hold 15 sec)

b) Right Leg Lifts (hold 10 sec)

c) Left Leg Lifts (hold 10 sec)




15) Knees pull into chest, forehead comes up to knees. Rock back and forth 3x until coming up to seated. Cross the legs and come on to hands and knees, step forward, forward fold. Come up to Standing


16) Standing 1 Leg Tree Pose Balance (hands above the head like branches)

Photo by Yoga Journal

Photo by Yoga Journal












17) Standing 1 Leg Airplane (warrior 3 pose)

warrior 3-Arms extend to side, Back leg lifts in line with hips








18) Come to standing, vinyasa down to Downdog, come to hands and knees and Childs Pose

child pose






19) Come to lying on back. 2 Knee Twist (both sides 15 sec hold)










20) Savasana – Resting Pose

resting pose

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