Fall is a fantastic time to start a new fitness program because you can enjoy the cooler temperatures and outdoors. Plus, getting into a fitness routine NOW will help you to create good habits in time for the holiday season and winter months.

Here are some tips and ideas to help you take full advantage of autumn:


Take part in Fall activities.

Fall is full of fun outdoor events like pumpkin & apple picking, corn mazes, haunted trails, and building leaf piles; all of which are great calorie burners.

Enjoy the colourful fall foliage, and the crunch of leaves by taking up hiking, biking, or using a sturdy tree as your anchor for portable fitness equipment. If you live near the beach or a lake take advantage of the fact that these areas are much less crowded in the fall and enjoy a game of volleyball, or paddle-boarding, or kayaking. All of these suggestions are a great change of pace from a typical gym session and make for a great workout.

Go for a Cause.

With the season comes many runs for charities such as Run for the Cure. Having a goal like a great cause can be a wonderful motivator.

Prep for shorter days.

With fall, comes staying dark later into the morning, and getting dark earlier in the evening. The adjustment to the shorter days can make you more tired than usual. Get into the habit of working out early so you are less likely to be tempted to skip it.

But just cause its dark doesnt mean you cant workout outdoors. You just have to be smart and safe. Wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.

Work out at home.

If youre just not in the mood to take it outside, working out at home can make the shorter days less noticeable. Try the Human Trainer X50 Challenge for your on demand personal trainer.

Dress for the Weather.

It may not feel that cold or maybe youre in denial that summer is actually over, but if you plan on spending an hour or more outdoors you may underestimate the temperature. Wear wind-shielding clothing and dress in layers. Dont forget you hat and gloves.

Wear Sunscreen.

We tend to associate the need for sunscreen with warm weather, but even on a grey, chilly day you need to protect yourself from UV rays. If you plan to exercise for extended periods of time, reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Stay Hydrated.

People often feel less thirsty when its chilly, but staying hydrated is still major important. Dont forget to bring your water bottle with you!

Drink Tea.

Tea is a great way to stay warm on those colder, damp days. Green and black teas contain antioxidants that help? keep the immune system strong so you can stay healthy and active throughout the season.

Stay away from the Halloween candy!

According to the National Institute of Health, the average person gains about a pound a year around the holidays. Be sure to keep cut veggies and fruit, and healthy snacks at arms reach to avoid reaching for the sweets. This is especially helpful at the office, where Halloween candy tends to pop up on co-workers desks.

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Article By: Fitness Dame

Resources: webmd.com. livingsocial.com

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