Like anything, working out at home has its pros and cons. It’s super convenient and saves time, money and gas, but it can also be super easy to get distracted and leave it all together or be sloppy about it.

Don’t fall into the at-home workout traps and take advantage of the following tips for a better at-home workout.

Distractions Be Gone!

Whether it be your spouse, kids, pets, phone or TV there are a lot of things that can get in the way of your workout at home. Let your family know before-hand not to disturb you during your workout – This is YOUR time! If it helps, wear headphones to block out any noises or voices. Put your cel on silent or take the phone off-the-hook. We have voicemail. Thats what it’s for – Use it!

Create a Space

Having your own workout space will make it seem more official and help you to stick to your exercise routine. It doesnt have to be huge or overboard. Your Human Trainer on ceiling mounts is more than enough! Or keep a basket in the corner with your yoga mat that holds a bunch of resistance bands, and free weights. I keep my workout stuff by my computer and a shelf of workout DVDs. This way I’m all set to stream a workout or watch one I have.

Have a Plan

It’s so easy to fall off track when exercising at home because there is no class schedule to stick to and no one is waiting to use your machine, so there is no time restriction on anything. Plan what exercises you’ll do the night before, lay out the needed equipment and take out your workout clothes. Take it one step further and queue up the DVD or bookmark the website. Do anything you need to to avoid any false-starts.

Don’t Rush It

Sometimes we dont have a choice and a quickie workout is better than nothing, but if working out at home is your main workout time, making it consistently challenging is the only way to consistently see results.

Mix it Up

It’s SO easy to stick with your favs and avoid the tough stuff, but you wont get the results youre after this way. Make sure your routine includes a mix of cardio, strength training, and stretching. Have a few different types of workouts on hand so you can switch it up throughout the week. If you see that its getting too easy for you, find a new workout. This will help keep things interesting too!

Have a DVD Shelf

DVDs are less expensive than classes at a gym and once you buy one it’s yours for life. Invest in DVDs with workouts of all different lengths so you have the option to do a 20, 30, 45, or ?60-minute routine depending on the time you have.

Stream Online Workouts

There are so many options to stream workouts online nowadays. Join a program like The Human Trainer X50, or just google “streaming workouts” for sites that offer them. There are some great quickie workouts on youtube too! Streaming is a great way to have a ton of variety at very low cost. You can stream virtually anywhere so its great when traveling.

Download some Apps

Some apps will alert you when its workout time, others help keep track of what you eat. Apps are a great way to get a workout in where ever, when ever


How do you home-workout? Let us know in the comments.

Article By: Fitness Dame
Resources: Kayla Itsines, popsugar.com, health.com

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