These days, Suspension trainers are steadily gaining in popularity in the fitness industry and for good reason. Body weight based suspension training is an effective method of resistance training that utilizes ropes, straps or belts that allow for a number of multi-planar, multi-muscle exercise movements.

With consistent and proper use, these trainers develop functional strength, balance, flexibility, as well as core and joint stability. Put plainly, they’re probably the best workout tool for your overall fitness.

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Suspension Training – A Time Tested Concept

It may seem like body weight based suspension training is a relatively new idea. However, acrobats, martial artists, soldiers and even sailors have been using their own body weight in conjunction with ropes, belts, straps and other variations for hundreds of years to hone their skills and keep in peak physical condition. A suspension gym is an inelastic workout strap system that you attach to a fixed anchor point, and by holding onto the suspension straps you can leverage your own bodyweight to perform functional and effective workouts that involve more muscles and produces better and faster results than any other type of exercise.

So, what makes body weight based suspension trainers so special? Here are some of the key benefits:5 Benefits of Suspension Training

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