Wake up your chest, back and core with this exciting Human Trainer workout.

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1- Forward Alternating Lunge w/ Chest Fly (8 per leg)

Add a lunge to the photo demonstration below to take it from intermediate to advanced


2- Standing 2 Arm Chest Press (15 reps)

The Human Trainer Standing Chest Press is an upper body exercise that targets the shoulders, chest and arms.
3- Alternate High Knees (30sec)

photo by skinny moms.com

4- Standing Two Arm Chest Flies (12 reps)

5- 1 Strap 1 Arm- 1 Leg Alternating Rows (12 per side)

One Leg & One Arm alternating squat rows on the HT

6- Alternating Arm Supermans (10 per side)


7- Foot Cradle Alternating Mountain Climbers (15)


8- Foot Cradle Plank (45 sec)

9- Foot Cradle Pushup and 2 Knee Tuck (15)


10- Foot Cradle Sit Ups (20)


11- Wide Grip 2 Arm Rows (15)


12- 2 Arm Frontal Raises (10)


13- Bent Knee Side to Side Tuck -with Ab Straps (15 sec)

knee tuck

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