We’ve all been there. That one tough week after a month of skipping the gym when your brain just shuts down and your entire life spirals out of control. Nothing registers, nothing clicks, concentration goes out the window and you basically feel like a useless bag of chips. I mean, let’s face it,as fun and fulfilling as it is to exercise, life is tiring enough to add an exhausting workout to it every day. It just feels like adding a brick to a shaky house of cards. Right?

Wrong, my dear friend. What if tell you today that your fitness training can be the very pillar that strengthens that shaky mental house of cards of yours(So to speak) For so long now, we’ve been fed the false universal notion that all muscle equals no brains. This is a lie that has kept thousands from unlocking their true potential for centuries now.

In fact, the truth lies in the very opposite. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Wise monks wearing weird robes know it, cool scientists in flashy lab coats know it and I’m here to prove it.

I’m about to share with you the golden secret to mental genius and success in every facet of your life. From your studies, to your work, to your relationships, to your physical health, to your spiritual wellbeing: exercise will fix it all. The best part is you won’t need a long to-do list and an unwinding work plan to enjoy its fruits.

So, how does it all work? It’s simple. Just try these 4 exercises today and experience different parts of your brain unlock to reveal your amazing capabilities.

1. The Epics Of Aerobics

They say music is good for the soul, well aerobics is great for cardiovascular endurance. Repetitive fitness routines are amazing in enhancing your brain’s learning skills, cognitive prowess, physical coordination, and motor coordination skills. Your brain also releases dopamine whenever you get those moves right and because of the funky music in the background.

I think you’d definitely agree with me if you’ve been to one of these classes, that this is one tough workout. Not only will it have you breaking into a quick sweat, itll also have you out of breath and panting in just minutes. Your heart rate will skyrocket and the number of calories you will burn is more than satisfying. Plus, the fun music in the background makes it loads of fun.

2. Hit The Dance Floor

Salsa, Break Dancing, Stiletto Strut, Ballet, Ballroom… Wherever your taste lies, these dance workout classes are the perfect time to loosen up, kick back, relax and let your body move to the beat. A lot of mind-body coordination and memorizing is involved here.

However, thanks to the sweet pleasure hormones that your mind releases from dancing to nice music, you won’t even feel the strain of the workout. This is the perfect way to refresh your brain for renewed creativity and take your mind off any stress.

This workout regime will work your entire body, especially your core. It will endow you with endurance, flexibility, and confidence. Dancing is also a fun way to burn those excess calories and achieve a flawless set of washboard abs. For most, these classes are just downright therapeutic. The aesthetic benefits that come with it are just another huge plus.

3. High-Intensity Interval Training

HIIT?is the perfect way to activate your brain every day. As short as most versions may be, they require intense mind-body coordination to pull off. Also, you will need good memory so that you don’t mess up the sequence of exercises. And for that, you need focus and concentration. The deeper you get into the workout, the harder it gets and the harder it becomes to maintain focus. This is, therefore, the perfect workout for your brain.

This is one form of cardio that is definitely not for the weak at heart. Revolving around short resting periods and explosive workout moves, this routine is bound to break down calories from the most stubborn of areas on your body.

The best part about this workout is that you can modify it to what you like to do. If you like resistance training, then you can use resistance exercises. For those of you who like running, you can also use it every time you adorn your running shoes.

4. Do You Lift?

For those of you who fancy that fitness model look, then resistance training is for you. I’m talking about body weight exercises and weight training – time to use weight bench. This not about just moving the weight from point A to B, it’s about engaging the right muscle to do the work at hand. To do this, a high level of mind-muscle connection is required, which needs a lot of focus.

Some memory and prior planning also need to go into all your sessions. And the dopamine high that comes with the pump is just insane. Most lifters find this to be an enjoyable anti-stress activity.

Done right, these exercises will make you look phenomenal. For men, this will help you bulk up and shred off fat, keeping you jacked and shredded all year round. For the ladies, this is an excellent way to tone those upper body muscles and build sexy thighs and a nice, rounded butt. These exercises are also known to boost confidence in everyday life activities.



Well, there you have it. The 4 golden exercises for a fit beach body and a razor sharp brain that is key to unlocking a more successful and fulfilling life. Great mind-body coordination, intense concentration, enhanced mental endurance and heightened confidence levels. These are all mental skills that can carry over to different aspects of your life. All while developing your dream to a perfect, healthy stunning physique to wink at every time you look into the mirror.



Guest Blogger Bio:Nancy Moore is the founder and creator of Fitnessgrams. She created Fitnessgrams.com to be a haven for people looking to get fit, boost their health, lose weight, or improve their well-being. Here you will find experiences, workouts, information from the experts, healthy living tips, and tools to find well-being and balance.

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