Research shows that people who have a workout buddy are more likely to stick to an exercise program; and there is no better partner to workout with then… your partner! You’ll give it your best shot simply because they’re watching, spend more quality time together, and you’ll get the gift of a better lookin’ gluteus maximus to pinch!  So grab your love off the couch and help each other get fit this year!


But how do you workout together when you are both at different fitness levels and like to work out in such different ways? I knew you’d ask that.  🙂

Here are some great ideas to get you started:

Just try it! Most of the time one partner tends to prefer cardio (usually women) while the other tends to prefer strength training (usually men). By working out together you can balance your workout program to include more of both. Plus, switching up your workout routine can help you avoid workout plateaus. So, why not try the yoga class your wife attends every Sunday, and you can teach her how to do suspending weight training? You may end up working muscles that you didn’t even know were there!

Sign up for a class together. Consider trying something new that interests you BOTH: karate, indoor climbing, 5K training, or sports: How bout a co-ed softball team? Or JUST GET OUSIDE! Take up hiking, canoeing, or cycling.

Cardio: Do cardio that allows you both to work at your own intensity level. Group classes like spinning allow each participant to workout at their own level; meaning that you both get the workout you want while staying side by side. 

Jog Much? If you are a slow jogger and your significant other is faster, try intervals. Work at one partner’s faster pace for a few minutes, and then recover at the other person’s slower pace. More and more research studies are showing that short bursts of high intensity exercise is better for you than the typical hour or more long workouts at moderate intensity.

Strength Training:  Switch places with one another between sets. While you rest, your partner can switch the weights to their own level and complete their set. ADDED BONUS: You’ll have someone to watch your form and tell you if you need an adjustment.

Stretch together. Assisted stretching has major benefits like increased flexibility, reduced muscle pains and headaches, and better sleep. Aiding your partner by giving her leg a little extra push when doing a hamstring stretch for instance can be very helpful. Just don’t overdo it.



  • You’ll have more shared interests and more to talk about.
  • It’s Sexy. Taking care of your body and your health shows that you want to be your best for yourself. Ambition and self-esteem is a huge turn on! Which leads me to…
  • A deeper bond & A BETTER SEX LIFE! Exercise produces chemicals in the brain that create feelings of happiness, reduced stress, and also increases arousal and libido. Several studies show that men and women who exercise regularly report better and more frequent sex with their partners. And think about it: heavy breathing, sweating, touching – this sort of physical contact at the gym can’t help but translate into bedroom benefits. GRRRR!

So don’t skip the workout this Valentine’s Day. You’ll feel less guilty about indulging in that heart shaped box of chocolates, and even one couple workout a week can help bring you lovebirds closer.

Check in for my next article. I’ll have a Couple Workout for you to try!    

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