A lot of people convince themselves that they will work out more consistently if time allowed them to. But, guess what? High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT could be the answer if you do not want to or dont have the time to slog it out every day at the gym.

As the name suggest, HIIT integrates a system of high-intensity workouts and short intervals to attain maximum benefits. HIIT can boost your metabolism and burn a lot of calories in limited time.

Still not convinced? Take a look at the great benefits of HIIT workouts below.

Burn Fat

We burn both carbohydrates and fat when we workout. But, the impact varies according to the nature of the exercise. Studies have proven that shorter high-intensity workouts can help in increasing fat loss than constant cardio sessions. HIIT is bang for your buck as you can do it in half the time that will take you for cardio exercises.

Lose Weight And Not Muscle

Certain typical diets prove that it is challenging to lose weight without losing muscle. Cardio workouts also tend to facilitate muscle loss. On the other hand, HIIT workouts can aid you in building muscle and maintaining it as well. The energy you need for HIIT is sourced from the fat stores, thus creating a leaner version of yourself. If you add a bit of resistance to your training routine, then it will promote lean muscle building.

Boosts Metabolism

According to the American College of Sports and Medicine, High-Intensity Interval training can aid you in consuming more oxygen when compared to workout routines which are non-interval. The excess intake of oxygen helps in increasing the rate of your bodys metabolism. The impact takes place within around 2 hours after a quality session of High-Intensity Interval training. As the bodys metabolism increases, it also helps us burn extra calories at a quicker rate than before.

No Equipment Necessary

HIIT exercises are value for money because you don’t need any equipment. All you have to possess is some open space. These workouts make use of your own bodys weight. As a result, exercises that can speed up your heart rate swiftly like plyometrics, jumping jacks, and high knees can be included in HIIT workouts.

Good For Heart Health

It is said that extreme workouts can aid in achieving extreme results. But, it is often difficult for most of us to push ourselves to an anaerobic environment where you feel the loss of breath and pounding heart. But, with HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training, it is less difficult to push yourself to the anaerobic zone as you get ample rest in between. This can also aid in maintaining a healthy heart and stabilizing blood flow through the whole body.

Choose Your Workouts

The best thing regarding HIIT is that you need not restrict yourself to biking or running. In fact choosing a cardio workout and converting or integrating it with your interval training is also possible. For example, try cycling at maximum speed for half a minute and the take a 45-second interval. Next day, substitute it with aerobics or jogging.

Efficient Energy Use

HIIT executes a system where you work hard and then recover. With the help of HIIT, your body adapts to use energy efficiently and keeps the body’s energy system in balance. The training method also helps in eliminating toxins from the muscles during your recovery period. As you are alternating during the workouts; you get ample time to stabilize your breath as well.

Other Benefits Of Hiit

HIIT helps us in building endurance. Studies suggest that people who practiced HIIT for eight weeks were able to double the amount of time they could bike at the same pace.

  • According to the University of Western Australia, HIIT can suppress your appetite. It was proven that the hunger ?stimulating hormone- ghrelin was suppressed in people who practiced HIIT thus decreasing their appetite.
  • HIIT workouts put your bodys repair cycle in the hyper drive as you will end up burning calories even hours after leaving the gym.

These days, HIIT workouts are challenging seasoned workouts in many sectors. It is one of the best ways for beginners to see quick results. The Fat to fit infographic can tell you more about HIIT workouts and other means of being fit. At the end of the day, HIIT workout make sure that you always push yourselves out of the comfort zone and as result workouts will never be as boring as before!

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