Now that the days are getting longer and the weather’s getting better, why not take your workout to your favorite park? There’s nothing like fresh air, great scenery and a little sun on your back to give you extra motivation to push yourself a little harder.

To get that butt moving, here are 7 great Human Trainer exercises you can take with you outdoors.

All you need is your Human Trainer suspension gym with the versatility anchors, and a sturdy tree or jungle gym! To warm up your body jog around the park for 10-15 minutes.


The Workout

Attach the main straps of the Human Trainer to the Versatility Anchors. Find a sturdy horizontal tree branch or horizontal bar in your local park’s playground.


1. One Arm Rows (3 x 15 reps each side) 

  • Facing your straps, stand with feet hip distance apart.
  • Hold the handle of the left strap in your left hand. Bend elbow and keep hand close to your chest. Keep the body as straight as possible.
  • With your right arm fully extended in front of you, keeping your legs straight and core tight, straighten your left arm and reach back with your right, trying to touch the ground behind you.
  • Pull your body up with you left hand, returning to first position with hand tucked into chest.
  • Swing straight right arm in front of you and try to touch the main strap as high up the strap as you can.
  • Repeat 10-15 times. Switch arms and repeat.

2. One Leg Bicep Curls (3 x 15 reps each side) 

  • Facing your straps, stand with feet hip distance apart.
  • Hold the handles with straight arms. Palms facing up. Straps should be fully extended.
  • Begin by shifting your weight backwards. Lift one leg off the floor, straight in front of you.
  • While keeping the arms and shoulders lifted, pull both arms towards the shoulders so hands come up to your ears. Extend arms. Repeat.
  • Switch legs for next set.

3. Tricep Press (3 x 15 reps) 

  • Face away from the straps. Palms facing the body.
  • Shift weight forward and extend both arms straight in front of the body at chest height.
  • Bend the elbows and arms as the body lowers.
  • Then press and extend the hands forward as the body shifts backwards.
  • Keep spine straight and core tight throughout the workout.

4. Chest Press (3 x 15 reps) 

  • Place hands in handles, palms down. With your back facing the straps, shift your weight forward. (Walk your feet further back for greater difficulty).
  • Keep your arms extended in front of the body at chest height and push your elbows out to the side as your body lowers.
  • Keep tension in the straps at all times.
  • Keep arms at chest height throughout the exercise.

5. Pike (3 x 10 reps) 

  • With feet in the foot cradles, get into plank position.
  • Raise hips straight up, so you forma triangle position. As high as you can go.
  • Return to plank. Repeat.

6. Hamstring Curls (3 x 15 reps)   (Use a mat if it makes you more comfortable) 

  • Sit on the ground facing the straps.
  • Place both heels inside the foot cradles.
  • Lie down on your back, arms at your sides. Palms down.
  • Stabilize your core by tightening your mid-section. Lift your hips and lower back off the ground.
  • Maintain that position as you pull your feet in towards your body.
  • Release and repeat.

7. Squats and Reverse Flies (3 x 15 reps) 

  • Face the straps and grip the handles.
  • Keeping your arms straight, press your hips back and bend your knees as you lower to 90 degrees and parallel to the ground. You will feel like you are sitting back into a chair.
  • As you come back up, pull both arms to the side at shoulder height.
  • Focus on keeping arms straight throughout the exercise.



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