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Let’s get that bathing suit back before summer hits! This workout is taken from The Human Trainer 50 Day Challenge. Start today for incredible results in less than 2 months.


This warm up is done with The Human Trainer X50 Agility Kit:

– Cone Side to Side Skaters (50 Seconds / 10 sec. rest)

– Agility Ladder High Knee Shuffle (50 Seconds / 10 sec. rest)

– Cone to Cone Forward Touch (50 Seconds / 10 sec. rest)

– Agility Ladder Hip Turn Toe Touch Shuffle (50 Seconds / 10 sec. rest)


– High Pushup Alternating Sprinters (30 sec / 10 rest)

– Alternating Bicycle (30 sec / 10 rest)

– Dead Bug (30 sec / 10 rest)

– Scissors (30 sec / 10 rest)

Bodyweight / Band Strength:

Resistance Band Squat & Shoulder Press?(50 sec / 10 sec. rest)

Ripcords Resistance Band Squat

Arms straight up overhead when coming up from your squat…

Ripcords Resistance Band Overhead Shoulder Press

– Resistance Band One Arm Row?(30 sec per side / 10 rest)

Ripcords Resistance Band 1 arm Row to strengthen and develop the back muscles.

– Resistance Band Lateral Raise?(50 sec / 10 sec. rest)

Ripcords resistance band Side Raise to target the shoulder muscles

Human Trainer Strength:

– Foot Cradle 2 Push Up & Knee Tuck (50 sec / 10 sec. rest)

push up knee tuck (1)

– Foot Cradle Plank (50 sec / 10 sec. rest)


– Foot Cradle Alternating Hamstring Curl (50 sec / 10 sec. rest)

The Human Trainer Hamstring curl is a great postural leg exercise that builds strength in the back of the legs.

– Two Arm Rotating Grip Row (50 sec / 10 sec. rest)

The Human Trainer Suspension Trainer is the industries best bodyweight tool for indoor and outdoor exercise to build strength and conditioning.

– Two Arm Bicep Curls (50 sec / 10 sec. rest)

The Human Trainer 2 Arm Bicep Curl

– Two Arm Overhead Triceps Press (50 sec / 10 sec. rest)

The Human Trainer Tricep Press targets the back of the arms to build a strong lean upper body.

– Chest Flies (50 sec / 10 sec. rest)

The Human Trainer Chest Flies is a great exercise to build a strong, lean and muscular upper body.

– Alt. Forward Lunge w/ T Fly (50 sec / 10 sec. rest)

lunge w Y fly

Human Trainer Stretch/ Cool Down:

– Two Arm Rounded Back (60 seconds)

HT Fold Stretch

– Overhead Lat Stretch (60 seconds)

HT Lat Stretch

– Cross Leg Hip Stretch (60 seconds)


– Standing 1 Leg Quad Stretch (60 seconds)

cradle quad stretch


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