In 10 minutes or less, we guarantee you will get your pre-party pump on and be ready to rock your holiday party!
Rev up your metabolism, boost your energy, and make those hard earned shoulders, pecs, arms and glutes stand out in the crowd.
Happy Holidays from the Human Trainer!

Warmup (2 minutes)

x30 seconds Jumping Jacks
x30 seconds Running on The Spot
x30 seconds Butt Touchers
x30 seconds Jump Rope

Workout (10 minutes)

x10 – HT Cross Reverse Lunge (Hips, Glutes, Butt)
One leg reverse lunge
x10 – HT Two Arm Bicep Curls (Arms)
2 arm bicep
x10 – HT Overhead Triceps Press (Arms)
tricep press
x10 – HT Squat (Legs)
HT Squat
x10 – HT Two Arm Row (Back / Arms)
2 arm row
x10 – HT Chest Press (Chest / Arms)
standing chest press
x10 – HT Chest Flies (Chest / Arms)
HT chest flies
x10 – Foot Cradle Alternating Sprinter (Core / Abs)
x10 – Foot Cradle Pushup & Two Knee Tuck (Upper Body / Abs)
push up knee tuck (1)
x10 – Foot Cradle Alternating Hamstring Curl (Legs / Glutes)
HT Hamstring curl

Cool Down (3 minutes)

x30 sec – HT Low Back Stretch
HT Back stretch
x30 sec – HT Chest & Arm Stretch
HT Chest stretch
x30 sec – Standing Quadriceps Stretch (each side)
HT on leg quad stretch
x30 sec – Standing Hamstring Stretch (each side)
HT Standing Ham Stretch

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