Every year, new trends emerge in various industries including the fitness industry. In order to take your fitness to the next level, you need to be aware of the fitness trends set to dominate in the new year.

Look for realistic and sensible measures to help you achieve your fitness goals as you welcome 2017. Your focus should be based on the trends that are expected to rock next year instead of dwelling on outdated fitness trends. In this article, we have put together 5 effective fitness activities expected to boom and take 2017 by?storm. Some of them will grab your attention while some might not. It’s up to you to choose the best activity that perfectly fits your workout needs.

Qualified Health & Fitness Coaching Professionals

You might have noticed that whenever you enter the gym, you will come across a qualified training coach who knows how to operate the surrounding equipment. They instruct people on the best training tactics that are compatible with their bodies. Next year, you will see more and more qualified health and fitness instructors meant to help and guide their trainees towards experiencing general development of their physical AND mental well-being.

They possess a combination of the best health and fitness advice that can guide anyone to achieve their training goals. Many people need the assistance of such professionals to help them gain accurate awareness and knowledge about effective training and health tactics to explore their potential. However, the gym is not the only place where you can get the best health and workout advice. This is because not all the gym instructors are health experts.

You need to approach different types of experts from a professional bodybuilder to a nutritionist to figure out what works for you.

An Increase In Online Video Streaming Services And Video-On-Demand Programs

Nowadays, almost everyone has a tight schedule entailing frequent traveling and stressful work conditions that leave us with less time to hit the gym. If you are dealing with this problem, you can also try working out at home using a gym machine like a treadmill. However, the good news is that there is an effective alternative that is already dominating the fitness industry.

No matter how busy you are, if you want to learn something, then its upon you to create time to keep learning new fitness trends. Online Video Streaming Services come in handy to help you solve the issue of inadequate time to visit the gym.

The people who are serious about their health have made it a priority to seek self-help tutorials from the internet to learn various ways on how to improve their mental and physical health.

Group or Club Fitness Programs for Effective Results

Some of the common scenarios that I often come across is trainers doing group cardio-type training. It is becoming trendy to combine weights and cardio in every session so the trainees get a balanced workout.

Next year, fitness studios and health clubs will introduce more group strength training sessions in order to meet peoples demands for coach-led training sessions for more motivation and fun. Most of them have planned to divide training programs into different activities ranging from short (HIIT) to lengthy sessions. This will help address the needs of people in advanced, intermediate and basic levels.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is increasingly becoming popular among the modern community and its use is expected to rise next year. People often use fitness wearables to track their heart rate, how many hours they slept, how many calories they burnt while working out, and much more. People are finding wearable technology very helpful in tracking their overall health condition. That way, they get to know when their health is deteriorating or improving.

There are tons of wearable technology gadgets that one can use to track their fitness workouts. The gadgets range from smart wristbands to activity trackers and heart rate monitors. Hence, wearable technology is all about using gadgets to track a wide range of fitness activities that directly affects a persons fitness condition. Over the past couple of years, the concept of wearable technology has helped many people achieve their health goals.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training has been in the fitness industry for decades and it still stands out as one of the best workout activities. The reason behind this is simply because one gets a balanced body workout through effective bodyweight training. This fitness activity is set to dominate 2017 since it is still popular among many athletes and fitness experts.

Consistent practice of bodyweight training leads to the release of endorphins, chemicals that lift your mood and give you a natural high that boosts low energy levels.


Everyone is different in terms of their fitness levels, goals and strengths. Keep in mind that what works for someone else may not work for you. Being aware of the latest trends in fitness will help you harness the power of new developments and cutting edge technology. Through trial and error, you can formulate a workout regimen that will help you meet your fitness goals. If you would like you add to our list of the top trends, please leave your ideas in the comments below.

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