Many people find the transition from summer to fall a challenge when it comes to staying on track with fitness. The change in weather, temperature, and shorter days leaves summer outdoor activity enthusiasts wanting to go into hibernation.

But autumn comes with great opportunities to take advantage of numerous seasonal and holiday activities, beautiful sceneries with the change of foliage, and not to mention crisp cool air that will allow you to push yourself harder with less of a chance of overheating like in the summer months.

As my mother always tells me: You have to embrace change. Admitting to yourself that summer is over but fall can be just as fun is often the key factor in developing new habits that will take you right through to the end of winter.

Prevent yourself from getting hibernation belly this year with these tips.

Benefit from the Season

There are plenty of fun outdoor fall activities that can trick you into having a great workout. It doesn’t have to feel like exercise to be exercise.

Gather up friends and family and organize a fun fall-themed outing: apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkin picking, hiking or biking on a colorful leaved trail. These activities are specific only to autumn, and can end up being great exercise as well as bonding time with loved ones.

Try hitting the beach for some volleyball or Frisbee, or take your Human Trainer out to your favorite tree. Fall is a great time for enjoying the beach because youll usually have the place to yourself.

Even fall chores like cleaning the gutters or raking leaves can turn into family bonding/calorie burning fun! Raking leaves can burn around 150 calories in 30 minutes. So start making that pile! Heck, make it a competition and see who can make the biggest pile the fastest. Thatll sure get the blood pumping!

Find Local Events & Classes

Autumn usually brings about the start of the holiday spirit, and with that comes a lot of charity runs (I.E. Movember) and events. Having a goal like a race to train for has been proven to help one stick with their workouts; so give yourself a little added motivation and check your paper for local happenings.

Autumn is also the time when schools and classes usually start up a new term. Always wanted to learn to belly dance or box? Nows your chance! Plus, the kids are in school so no need to find a babysitter if you can get into an afternoon activity!

Excuses, Excuses…

Everyone has excuses as to why they dont wanna play outside in the fall. Well, here are plenty of ways to put the main excuses to rest.

Excuse #1: But its so cold

Dressing right will take the excuse of being too chilly out of the equation. Since the weather is in between warm and cold, dressing in layers is usually the best way to go. You may feel chilly when you first start out but once you get moving youll begin to sweat. Because of this it is suggested to wear 3 layers. The inner layer should be a moisture-wicking fabric (ex. DriFit) so it pulls sweat away from the skin preventing you from getting chilled. The second layer should be a warmth layer (like fleece), and the third should be a protective layer (like a windbreaker or waterproof jacket).

Still Cold? Drink Tea.

Tea is a great healthy way to keep warm this fall. Plus, green and black teas are full of antioxidants, which can help ward off the flu bug.

Excuse #2: But the days are so short

Exercise earlier in the day. With the time change and it becoming darker earlier it can feel as if it is later in the day than it really is, and make you feel more drained and tired at the end of the day. Getting into the habit of working out early will make sure the workout gets done, and will keep you energized longer for the rest of your day.

Reminder: If you are getting out there in the dark hours be safe and wear light colors and reflective gear.

Excuse #3: Im distracted by all these great new shows.

Many people get sucked into all the new TV shows premiering in fall. But dont let it turn into an excuse. It is very easy to get exercise while watching TV. If you just workout during the commercials youll accumulate about 20 minutes of exercise during a 1-hour show. Jog in place, do jumping jacks, push-ups, or sit-ups. Exercise bands are a great way to get some resistance training while your eyes are locked on the tube.

Schedule your Workout

Research shows that if you schedule something you are more likely to do it. So put your workout in your planner and stick to it like you would with a work meeting or doctors appointment.

Remember the 21-day rule: It takes 21 days for the body to develop new habits. This is a great time to start. Get on it for the next 21 days and youll have a new positive, healthy habit of getting physical activity everyday right in time for Christmas. And youll be a step ahead of the game for that New Years resolution!

Tell hibernation to bite it! Get out there and enjoy all the wonders fall as to offer.


Resources: livingstrong.com, webMD

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