You’ve been diligently sticking to your workout schedule and you push yourself hard. As the workouts go by you start to notice the pounds coming off and the muscle definition piling on. You’re starting to like what you see in the mirror, and may even flex your guns when no one is looking… But all of a sudden everything just stops. You aren’t noticing any results. What happened to the progress you were experiencing before? You’re working so HARD! What da BEEP!?!

Think about it. All of a sudden you go from eating chips on the couch to running everyday. Of course your body notices the significant change and reacts to it by losing a few pounds and starting to tone up. But if you aren’t doing it right, it won’t be too long before your body gets used to the new routine and settles in, leaving you with…


Most exercisers will have the frustrating experience of a workout plateau at one time or another. You think there is something wrong with you or even curse the universe, but the way you’re working out is most likely the cause of the problem. Just because you’re getting to the gym and committing to exercise everyday doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get results. Many workouts are not well thought out.

With just a few workout adjustments you can get out of the rut.  Here’s a few things you may be doing wrong:

Not Enough H2O

According to studies conducted by California State University, workouts performed without drinking enough water will leave you feeling drained much earlier than if fully hydrated. The studies proved that dehydration caused individuals to complete up to 5 fewer reps than those who drank up before and during their exercise routine. Without enough water, your muscles are unable to function properly, so drink plenty of plain water, all day, every day.  Sports drinks don’t count.

Lazy Form

Over time, many of us tend to get a bit sloppy with our form.  You may not think it’s a big deal, but tiny adjustments like standing tall and breathing correctly will engage more muscles and burn more calories. With weight training, the best way to check your form is by moving through your exercises slowly and paying attention to breathing, posture, and the muscles that are being used.  For cardio workouts, concentrate on breathing and posture.


If you’re routine is blah and no fun for you, pushing yourself to go through the motions every day is going to be a constant battle. If your routine is the last thing you want to do then it won’t be long before it loses out to something more fun. So keep it interesting. If dragging your butt to the gym is worse then dragging your Great Dane to the vet, maybe it’s time to invest in some at-home workout equipment. Rather take a Boot Camp Class then lift some iron? Do It! Do whatever it takes!

The other thing to keep in mind is that your muscles get bored too. If you are doing the same exercises week in and week out, you are working that exact part of that muscle in the same way over and over. Your muscles get used to it and stop responding. Change up your workout regularly for ultimate results.

You Can’t do Just One

A lot of people prefer either cardio or strength training and so, tend to focus their workouts on their preference. The thought may be that as long as you’re working out it shouldn’t make a difference, but research has shown that doing a mix of cardio and strength training is best for losing weight. It’s true that cardio exercise burns the calories, but strength training builds the lean muscle necessary for continuous fat burning.

What You Eat

What you eat and even WHEN you eat it can make a huge difference to the results you get. See our article: Food and Exercise: What to Eat Before and After a Workout


Use these tips and we guarantee that pesky plateau won’t stand a chance!


Information Source: www.dailyfit.tv Check out this fun article The 8 Most Annoying People at the Gym

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