When it comes to fruits and vegetables we are told that in order to get all the needed vitamins from them we should eat a rainbow of colored varieties. But when we think of a rainbow, we of course dont think of white. Research shows that pale colored produce proves to provide one heck of a health boost. According to research published in Advances in Nutrition many nutrients (including several that Americans dont get enough of) and good for you phytochemical that give fruits and veggies their health benefits are not always colourful.

Here are 6 White Fruits and Vegetables and some of their benefits. Bet you didnt know this!

Are rich in the antioxidant quercetin, which may ease fever, eczema and food allergies, according to Japanese researchers.

Already known for their cancer-fighting properties, they may also help decrease blood pressure.

is at the forefront of cancer research, One compound from this cruciferous veggie killed 75% of cervical cancer stem cells in 24hrs in a lab.

have been found to have more potassium than broccoli, spinach and even bananas. Research has found that potassium may help keep bones strong.

Lab tests show that pear antioxidants prevent rapid carb digestion that could cause blood-sugar spikes, so they may help with managing pre-diabetes.

The solution to new antibiotic resistant strains of germs could be an old natural remedy. A 2014 study showed that, in the lab, garlic extract may be able to treat drug resistant bacteria.
Happy Eating!

?Article By: Fitness Dame
Resources: EatingWell Magazine

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