Valentine’s Day is all about showing love for that special someone, but what about the most important person in your life? You know, the one you always tend to neglect. Im talking about YOU!

Whether you’re single or partnered up why not put a little more focus on loving yourself this Valentine’s? Here are some tips to show you how:


A fit body means better sleep, better mood, less aches and pain, more confidence… the list goes on. Make exercise the priority it needs to be.

Be Present

We all have a zillion things we must do on any given day but try your best to prioritize the important stuff, forget the rest, and focus on the task at hand. Multitasking is the enemy of focus. The more efficient you try to be, the more you try to multitask, the less present you are with what’s happening around you. Sure, you may get things done but what is the quality of your work? Are you content or burned out by the end of it?

Reduce Clutter

It’s a known fact that one is less likely to think clearly and be at peace in a messy or over-cluttered environment. Everyone has stuff they don’t use and clothing theyll never wear again that just pile up. Take the time to clean out your closets, desk, filing cabinet, even your fridge!

Reduce Technology Time

Technology is supposed to be a tool to make our lives easier, but in reality it reduces us to slaves of the screen. Everyone expects you to jump and respond at a minutes notice to any text, voicemail or email. TV is a crutch to take up time when we want to check out and relax. Try your best to turn off all tech for at least an hour a day. Take a walk on your lunch break and try to get out in some natural light. Play a board-game or read a book after dinner. You’ll be amazed how much more creative you can be if you dont watch TV, and how much more energy you have just from simply getting away from any device.

Stop Comparing

It’s natural to compare yourself to others; especially in this age of social media where we are constantly shown pictures of seemingly happy people who have their lives together.

But odds are that perfect person doesnt have it figured out any more than you do. Everyone has their own hardships they are dealing with. You’re not doing anything wrong. You aren’t behind the pack. You’re much more likely to succeed by focusing on your goals and ways to achieve them, than spending your time worrying about the progress of others.

You’re never THAT Busy

Most of us try to work so hard to fatten our bank accounts that we tend to neglect our loved ones. It’s so easy to say you are too busy, but if you see family-time as important as work there is always a way to schedule it in. Remember that in most cases, family is by far the most rewarding part of life.

Have Quiet Time

You’re never that busy for time for yourself either. Even if its 5 minutes a day of quiet, no interruption time, it helps. You’ll notice how much more peaceful you feel even after just a few minutes of silence. If you DO have the time try to treat yourself: get a massage, meditate, take a tai chi class.

Stop watching the News

Remember that even news is television entertainment and needs to keep the ratings up. Most news stories are told from an angle designed to prey on your emotions. News mostly shows negativity in the world, and that eventually bears down on you. If you feel like you’ll be missing out on valuable info by giving news up then give yourself a certain amount of time a day to catch up on news stories from a trustworthy source.

Stop Self-Judging

We all have that mean little voice in our heads that likes to call us a loser and points out our flaws and mistakes. Dont listen to it! Focus on the positive things about yourself. Write down one thing every night before bed that you love about yourself or proud of accomplishing that day. It could be the tiniest thing, but write it down! Writing it helps make it more concrete in your mind, and when you’re having a bad day it’s great to look back and read all your entries for a little pick-me-up.

Get Outside

Most of us live in a concrete jungle, and forget how important it is to us to connect to nature. Go for a walk. Sit in the park. Get some much needed sunshine. Take your workout outdoors.


Dont only use these tips for one day of self-love. Use them all year round!

Article By: Fitness Dame
Resources: MindBodyGreen

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