Well, its that time of year again when everyone asks the same annoying question: Whats your New Years Resolution this year? What makes the question so annoying? Maybe its because no one wants to even think of facing up to their failure again.

The fact is only 20% of people actually stick to their resolutions.

Heres how to change that

A major reason for failing to attain your resolution is that most people try to make a HUGE change in their life happen all at once. For example: As of January 1st Im going to go to the gym 5 days a week. If you cant even remember the last time you stepped in the gym, you are probably setting yourself up for failure.

While the effort to stick to a resolution is a positive thought, a better alternative is to break down your resolution into several smaller attainable goals that you will make throughout the year. This will make it less intimidating. Then, even if you arent able to reach your final goal/resolution, you will have many smaller but still significant wins along the way. Think about it; would you rather give up on a resolution and end up at the end of yet another year, still never reaching that ultimate goal or would you rather say: I may not have lost 15lbs, but I did lose 10!

Have a Backup Strategy. When coming up with a resolution, most of us are so pumped in the beginning that we come up with a plan and are determined to stick with it. Then we end up messing up the plan or missing a couple of workouts and BOOM! We get discouraged and another resolution ends up forgotten! Dont be so rigid in your planning. If you plan on working out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday have Sunday as a backup day incase something comes up.

Generalize you Goal. Dont aim to go to the gym 3 times a week, aim to EXERCISE 3 times a week. If you end up just having the time to go for a walk or do some stretches at home with your Stretch Buddy that counts! Youre less likely to beat yourself up and get discouraged! And do something you enjoy! If you hate going to the gym, chances are you wont stick to it. So take that burlesque dance class youve been dying to take. Go for it!

21 Days. Studies have shown that it takes the average person 21 days of trying something new to turn it into a habit. So when you think it sucks to get off the couch and hit the gym, just remind yourself: 21 days, then it will stop being this hard.

Same Resolutions Year after Year.? Try to find a way to make the change your making something youre adding to your life rather than taking away. Your mind automatically thinks its being deprived if you see your change as a loss. For example, instead of making the goal to “Eat Less Junk Food”, focus on trying to Eat More Healthy Food.” If you start making healthier food choices youll automatically start eating less junk without feeling like youre taking anything away.

Create a game plan. At the beginning of January, get a year calendar and write out your goals. Remember to keep them realistic. How about losing 5 LBS by Valentines Day? You can do that!

Make a Vision Board. Cut out pictures, words, phrases and quotes that can help motivate you, and make a collage on a piece of poster paper. Perhaps its a photo of a dress youve been eyeing, but want to lose weight before you buy it. Or maybe its a picture of you when you were more fit, that you want to get back to. Hang it in a place where you can see it everyday to help remind you of your goals.

Treat yourself to something special with every accomplished goal. Make your reward something non-food related. (Most people think of junk food as a reward and that defeats the purpose). Try something like day trip, or a massage!

Dont Resolution Overload. Pick one resolution/goal to go after and break it up into attainable steps. Youll spread yourself too thin trying to make multiple huge changes in your life, which will just lead to failure of all of the resolutions.


A new year has the feeling of starting fresh, so it’s the perfect time to create a new fitness plan. With the help of these winning tips this could be the year those fitness resolutions not only stick, but also become healthy lifelong habits.

Don’t forget to check out some of our workout videos for sample exercises and motivation 🙂

Tell us in the comments what your resolution is this year…



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