I was motivated to write this blog post after reading our Human Trainer AthleteNatalie Jill’s article on the same topic. She said it SO RIGHT-

You have to COMMIT to something if you REALLY want to achieve it.

“Quit trying and start committing ? People try to make money, run a marathon, lose weight, etc. all the time. But those that COMMIT to it, get the results. Get your mind RIGHT! Stop trying and start COMMITTING. It will make the difference in your success.”

~ Natalie Jill

Heres our advice: DO NOT BUY the latest workout program or equipment. Yes, even OUR equipment -STAY AWAY- seriously! We dont want your money if it just means our equipment will just sit in your closet. Thats not why we created The Human Trainer.

BECAUSE unless you are ready to commit, no matter what we promise, you will not get results! No successful person says lets just sees how it goes they COMMIT to their goals and see things through

Do you feel like youve tried EVERYTHING with little to no results? Have you tried this-and-that weight loss program, equipment, gym membership, miracle pill to no avail?

Heres a question for you: Are you looking for results OR to pat yourself on the back and feel like you attempted something? Are you a I tried so, thats good enough person?


“It didnt take you an hour and $50.00 to get the body you are unhappy with now so what makes you think you can FIX the problem with money and a short amount of time? That program you just spent money on is not going to do a dang thing sitting on your bookshelf. The best workout videos do NOTHING sitting next to your TV. And even if you DO watch them, if you are sitting on your couch when you do it, they will NOT work!

You need to DO the WORK. That diet pill you think will make you a size 6 will NEVER work by itselfno matter HOW expensive it is, or how convincing the infomercial was.”

~Natalie Jill

Heres where to start:

1- Take the time to write out your goals and how you plan to achieve them. Make a schedule. Writing it out makes it more concrete. Its proven that youre more likely to remember something if you write it down. Do IT!

2- Put it out there: Visualize what you want to accomplish, find photos or quotes that inspire you, make a vision board and put it up in a place where youll look at it every day. Tell other what youre trying to accomplish. Even get a friend to be your workout buddy. Publicizing it will make you more accountable.

3- Quit Blaming: Its NO ONE ELSES FAULT, not your kids, your boss, or your busy schedule, that you are out of shape and over weight. All of these are excuses. YOU are the one who is IN CHARGE of your life. There are tons of people who have been in worse situations than you who have found solutions and found success. They did the work!

Here is the thing, until you realize that you have to COMMIT to a result, NO program is EVER going to work for you. You know why? Because you will NEVER fully put it into action.


Excuses or Solutions. YOU Decide!

If youre READY to COMMIT, we recommend you try The Human Trainer X50 50-Day Challenge. This program gives you the workout schedule and nutrition program you need to help you stay on track. Its like having a trainer ? as it walks you through every workout ? without having to pay the hefty fees for one.


For more on Natalie and her programs go to: https://www.nataliejillfitness.com

Article By: Fitness Dame

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