This workout combines The Human Trainer Agility Ladder, X-Training cones, and The HT itself for an ultimate HIIT workout.
1) Agility Ladder Jumping Jacks – 1minute
2) X-Training Cones Side to Side Shuffle with x5 Pushups at one end – 1 minute
3) Agility Ladder Jumping In & Jumping Out Lateral Squat – 1 minute
4) Agility Ladder Walking Hand Shuffle with Side Shoulder Touch at end of Ladder – 1 minute
5) HT Chest Flies – x15
6) HT Overhead Triceps – x15
7) HT Alternating Forward Lunge with T-Fly – x10 per side
8) HT Two Arm Row – x15
9) HT Two Arm Bicep Curls – x15
10) HT Foot Cradle Two Knee Tuck – x20
11) HT Alternating Knee Tuck – x20 per side
12) HT Two Leg Hamstring Curls – x20
13) Agility Ladder High Knee Side Shuffle – 1 minute
14) X-Training Cones Side to Side Shuffle with x5 squats at one side- 1 minute
a) Standing 1 Leg Quadricep Stretch
b) Standing 1 Leg Hamstring Stretch
c) Overhead One-Arm Triceps Stretch
d) HT Two Arm Rounded Back Stretch

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