You may already feel like you need to lose a few pounds and so the upcoming Holiday Season filled with parties and taunting goodies make you feel like its hopeless – but don’t fret! Making just a few lifestyle changes can help you lose a few pounds, even before turkey day!

Don’t wait until the damage is already done. By making changes NOW, youll create good habits for the holiday season and keep them all winter long!

Follow these 10 tips and your holidays will be happier, healthier, and lighter!

1) Increase your H2O intake.
We tend to think of drinking water less when its cold out, so its easier to become dehydrated in the fall and winter and not even know it. Plus, factors like wind and cold air can contribute to dehydration.

Did you know if you are even a little dehydrated you will actually crave food and so you are more likely to over eat? So before you grab a snack have a glass of water, wait 20 minutes and then see if youre still hungry.

Try drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning even before your coffee. This will help get your metabolism going. Its a known fact that drinking water can help with weight loss.

2) Reduce Your Calories.
Even small changes like drinking skim rather than whole milk in your coffee can make a difference. Water Challenge – Replace all soft drinks and juices with water between now and Christmas. The pounds will melt off!

3) Take a Walk at Break Time.
Use your 15-minute break at work to go for a brisk walk around the building. Youll be surprised how much this short burst of exercise will help you lose a couple of pounds and help you have more energy throughout your day. Added Bonus – If you sit at a desk all day this short burst will get your blood circulation moving, reducing aches and pains from over-sitting.

4) Pack Your Snack.
Keep a small bag of almonds in your car armrest for traffic jams. Carry a banana in your purse when running errands, bring cut up veggies to work for break these are just a few ideas to stop you from running to the most convenient junk food at arms reach during hunger pangs.

5) Be Smart When Eating Out.
Holidays are full of big meals and restaurants and this could wreck even the most disciplined. Order smart: avoid foods that are smothered in grease, butter, or heavy sauces and gravies. Chose meals that are baked, grilled, steamed, or poached. Tell the waiter not to bring bread to avoid grazing while waiting. If youre eating in a place that serves big portions ask to pack up half the plate to-go right away to avoid over eating. Just a few changes to the way you order can make a HUGE difference!

6) Everything in Moderation.
I dont believe abstinence ever works. Allow yourself to have your treat but make a conscience effort to have a third of your normal portion, and dont go back for seconds!

7) Sleep More.
A large number of studies that have linked lack of sleep to weight gain. Aim to go to bed a half hour earlier than you normally do. Youll be surprised how much difference even just an extra 30 minutes of sleep makes to your life.

8) Exercise Early.
The holidays are so busy that its easy to get sidetracked from your workout routine. Aim to workout first thing to avoid skipping it. Dont have time in the morning? Do a mini workout for 10 minutes (Everyone has 10 minutes!). This way, even if you do skip your regular workout you still managed to get in 10 minutes; and 10 minutes a day goes a long way.

Try a workout program to help you have a routine and stay on track. Imagine being able to reach your weightless goals in time for Christmas!

9) Give your Fridge a Makeover.
Place healthy options like cut up fruits and veggies in Tupperware on the shelf at eye level. You’ll be more likely to grab what you see first. Get rid of junk, and sugary drinks.

10) Try Deep Breathing.
The holidays are stressful and deep breathing is a great tool to manage stress. Breathe in slowly to a count of five, hold for a slow count of five, and then exhale to a count of five. This will instantly calm you down and keep you centred. Think of it as a three-minute break you can take any place, any time.


These tips are great for all year round so try them any time, not just the holidays!

Article By: Fitness Dame
Resources: realsimple.com

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