Jumping rope is a great way to get cardio, and a fantastic leg and arm workout! Although this tool is small, it is an extremely effective exercise.

Here is a great jump rope workout routine courtesy of Fitness Magazine.

Do two minutes of each variation before moving to the next, then repeat the cycle two or three times.

 1. Lateral Hop

Works: Inner and outer thighs; strengthens ankles

As the rope nears your toes, hop to left with feet together. Land on the balls of your feet, then hop back to center. Do 2 regular turns, then jump to the right; repeat shuffle.  


2. Jumping Jack

Strengthens: Hips

Spread your feet about shoulder-width apart as the rope passes underneath you. When it comes around again, jump up and draw your legs together so your feet are almost touching as the rope passes beneath you. Do a few regular skips, then repeat the variation.  


3. Double Skip

Burns: Extra calories — by forcing legs to work harder

Jump once when the rope passes under your feet, then quickly take another hop while the rope is circling above your head.   Before you get started, first make sure you have the right length rope for you. When you step on the center of the rope, the handles should reach your armpits. This chart will help you find the correct length for your height.  

Your Height Rope Length
Under 5′ 7′
5′ to 5′ 5″ 8′
5′ 6″ to 6′ 9′
Over 6′ 10′

Order your Astone Fitness Jump Rope (with adjustable length) A jump out workout can be done anywhere and within a very short amount of time! Do this workout on it’s own, or do this exercises in between your weight training sets for an added challenge.  

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