Great abs are everyone’s dream, male and female alike, and this is perfectly understandable because fantastic abs make us look hot! The real secret to better abs lies in our personal determination, and the following five tips will see you through to far much better abs than you probably imagined.

1. Make a few diet adjustments

Try out simple diet adjustments such as reducing your intake of fats and refined sugars; and substitute the reduction with fruit and vegetable intakes. It’s helpful to note that proper dieting accounts for almost 90% of good abs development, so you must be willing to pay a lot of attention to everything that you put into your body in form of food. The best formula is to always keep your diet essential by locking out unnecessary intakes. Remember to eat within 60 minutes of your workout. For more info check out our article on: What to Eat Before and After your Workout 

2. Keep off sit-ups While the common belief is that exercises like sits-ups and crunches are great for enhancing better abs, the truth is they are not actually the best, and have been found to cause neck injuries and lower-back injuries over time.  The best exercises include military press, dead lifts, bench press, plank variations and dips.

3. Yoga Yoga is fantastic for abs. All you need to do is ensure your core is engaged throughout the 60 or so minutes of your yoga time. Static holds and leg raises are equally beneficial.

4. Rest your abs for 24-48 hours A lot of us think that consistent day-by-day workouts are the only way to achieve the results we want when targeting the abs. But you should actually take enough rest in between work-outs (preferably 24-48 hours.)  Sufficient rest gives your ab muscles a better chance to rebuild. The recommended rest period is two or three times a week, this will guarantee you far much better abs than working them out on daily basis.

5. Try an exercise ball as a work chair Exercise balls like the Astone Anti-Burst Exercise Ball are quickly emerging as exciting alternatives for the work chair and they bear immense benefits that will help put your abs in excellent position due to improved posture in the spine and lower back muscles. The exercise ball is not stable, so your body will be forced to balance itself on the ball, and as it does this, a proper spinal alignment is achieved and your core is engaged which is helpful to your abs. Additionally, with an exercise ball you will constantly need to change your position so you can balance. If you were typing for instance, and you turn to make a call or jot a few notes, your body will automatically take a new position. In short using an exercise ball as a work chair is simply a ‘license’ to constant exercises for your abs.


Achieving better abs should actually be part of your long term goals in as far as your health and fitness is concerned. It is going to take you some time and a good level of hard work, patience,  and discipline.

With this in mind alongside these five tips, your dream towards better abs is unstoppable!

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