Beginner HT WOD

1. X15 – Two arm bicep curl

2. X12 – Two arm squat and row

3. X12 – Two arm overhead triceps (non-vertical hanging straps)

4. X8 – Alt. forward lunge & Y fly (per leg)

5. X10 – Soft landing Jump Squats (holding straps)

6. 30 sec – Two leg foot cradle plank (perform on forearms)

7. X10 – Alt. knee foot cradle sprinter (per leg – knees under chest)

8. X12 – Foot Cradle air splits (start in high pushup plank)

9. X15 – Two arm chest press (non-vertical hanging straps)

10. X12 – Two arm chest flies (non-vertical hanging straps)


Advanced HT WOD

1. X12 – Alternating bicep curl (per arm)

2. X15 – One leg squat and row (per leg)

3. X12 – Dips

4. X10 – Two arm squat and bicep curl combo

5. X15 – Jump split squats (holding straps)

6. X10 – Foot cradle up/up/ down/ down (per side – hands to forearms)

7. X10 – Foot cradle spider-man pushup (per leg)

8. X15 – Foot Cradle Pushup & air splits combo

9. X20 – Two arm chest press (near vertical hanging straps)

10. X15 – Two arm chest flies (near vertical hanging straps)

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