Virtually anyone, at any age, no matter your fitness level, can use The Human Trainer. Whether you are a traveling business person or a stay at home parent, beginner or pro, The Human Trainer can travel with you, sets up in seconds, and gives you a full body workout in minutes.


Why is The Human Trainer so easy to use?


YOU’RE in CONTROL of how much weight you lift. It can be used anywhere. It works out your ENTIRE body without bulking you up. Cardio, flexibilty, toning, and weight loss all in one simple system!


The Dynamic Angled Resistance principle allows you to lift as little as 5% and as much as 100% of your body weight. The difficulty of each exercise can be adjusted by simply shifting your body weight forwards or backwards depending on the desired level of difficulty. Beginners can exercise with very little resistance by remaining more vertical. For more advanced applications, you can exercise more parallel to the ground, thereby increasing the Dynamic Resistance.The Dynamic Resistance created by being suspended with inelastic straps constantly engages your stabilizer muscles. This type of resistance allows beginners and elite athletes superior benefits to traditional body weight exercises. With The Human Trainer you can control precisely how much resistance you want to engage.


Because of the balance needed to use The Human Trainer it engages your core and stabilizers on every exercise, increases your flexibility, and giving you an unbeatable muscular and cardiovascular workout!

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