With each passing day, most people set weight loss goals all over the world. While some manage to achieve their objectives most people end up leaving their weight loss programs due to lack of motivation. The main question to ask is; do you have the right goal? Do you have the right motivation to shape up your life? Being healthy is the ultimate key to a good life. Losing weight may be the main reason for choosing to join a fitness club, but when compared to fitness, being slim should not be your biggest priority.

When do you know that you are not fit? 

No matter how much you weigh, you need to figure out whether your body size is more important than your health. When do you know that you are not fit even if you look like a runway model? Here are some few factors to show you that you need to get fit; 

1. Do you struggle to catch your breath after taking a short walk, taking the stairs ,or a simple exercise? 

2. Are you always lightheaded or dizzy after doing minor chores? 

3. Are you having sleepless nights for no reason at all?

4. Are you always fatigued or constantly sick? 

If you have noticed the above signs, then you definitely are not fit. Sometimes, weight loss is not as important as being fit. Even though a slim body and a lean shape are envied by most men and women, being healthy is the biggest priority. There are so many reasons why you should consider being fit before you think about the number of pounds you need to lose. 

Flexibility and Balance 

This is the way your body is able to move and how well your joints can work. Joint pains are not only restricted to overweight people. You can easily get joint pains and diseases even if you are slim. Being fit or exercising for fitness increases your flexibility and hence ensures that your joints function well. When you always exercise regularly, you maintain your body balance and reduce your chances of falling and getting body fractures. 

Fitness improves your overall Body Health 

Diseases like hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes are mostly caused by unhealthy daily practices. As you eat a lot of sugars and fats, you make your body unhealthy day-by-day. With time, your sugar level rises above normal rates, your cholesterol content becomes dangerously high and you start to develop diseases. A common misconception is that these diseases are only for obese people. This is wrong! As long as your sugar and fat levels are high, you are prone to diseases easily. Exercising for healthy purposes is good as it helps you burn calories as you maintain your health status. 

You should always visit your doctor to constantly monitor your health status no matter how big or small you are. So many hospitals have medical benefits that allow you to track your body progress and how fit you are. Although most fitness programs lead to weight loss, make fitness your first goal and you automatically will lose weight. If you always stay healthy you will loom good and feel good about yourself every day.

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