A report on ABC News in 2013 painted quiet a grim picture regarding America’s fitness. The report said over 85% of adults in the country are trying to keep fit through diets but surprisingly over 90% of these people are unsatisfied with the results. 

Before this, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey had indicated that 2 in 3 adults are overweight; again highlighting the gravity of the issue.  While these numbers reflect a worrying trend, they also indicate a willingness to deal with the elephant in the room. It shows most folks are willing to go an extra mile to stay fit.

Betting on New Ideas 

If you are among one of the millions who are trying to stay fit and regain their shape, it is high time you started exploring refreshing ideas that will not interfere with your life and which are proven effective. 

One of the most overlooked options today is the good old way of roughing it through exercises. As one of the most renowned celebrity trainers said recently, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel as the solutions are in the open. Look at some of these refreshing ideas:

Throw Away Fad Diets 

Do you know any of your friends who is in great shape after months or years on these diets? Of course not because they don’t work; in fact what some of them do is prevent metabolism and other biological function which leads to loss of muscle as opposed to loss of fat which is your objective.

Sweat it Out

If you are a National Geographic fan you must have observed that the predators such as cheetahs are always fit.  Why, you might ask? Because they sweat it out every time they want a snack. 

Well, you don’t have to cross the Arizona desert in a dash in order to stay in shape but regular exercise in the gym or even in your neighborhood park can give you that hour glass figure you deserve. 

Check out The Human Trainer to get an edge on outdoor workouts.

Make Your Health a Priority 

Whatever your daily schedule is, you should never compromise your exercise.  You need to constantly plan around your training schedule whether for personal, work, or social engagements. This prepares your mind, and with time your body will start responding positively. 

Leverage Antioxidants 

Now that you appreciate the need for exercise to burn calories and keep your body fit, it is high time to learn how to retain your new shape. When your body breaks down food, there is oxidation and it can result in free radicals, which can damage body cells. 

This is more so when metabolism rates increase through exercise. Neulife.com offers a wide range of supplements with ingredients that aid in anti-oxidation. These supplements help in muscle recovery, muscle repair and increased white blood cells to aid in detecting viruses and bacteria in your body. They also avert cell ageing which again makes you more active. 


Still stuck with your old routine of chasing trends? It is time to embrace new ideas that are already tested and proven.  You will not only enjoy better heath, better shape but also save immensely. Who doesn’t want that?

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